Diaper Journal: 7/23/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

This morning, I woke up without a diaper on; I hadn’t felt like wearing to bed last night.

For some reason, maybe because I didn’t have to pee too badly when I woke up, I didn’t think to pee when I was out with my dogs (like I often do in the morning if I’m not wearing).

Once inside, I didn’t feel like putting on a diaper or going back outside and there was no way I was going to use a toilet, so I pulled out a MoliCare, held it in front of me, and peed into it. I’ve done this on occasion in the past, so it didn’t take much deliberation to reach the idea.

After I finished peeing, I set the diaper aside, thinking there was a chance I would put it on in a bit. Then, after eating breakfast, I realized I had to poop. So, rather than get my butt dirty by putting the diaper on and using it, I opted to hold the diaper underneath me and poop into it.

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Light a Match!

If you poop in your diapers, you’re probably aware that the smell from the poop is usually quite strong and spreads quite fast. Personally, I usually like the smell, but no matter your standpoint on the smell, it’s an easy way for others to find out what you’ve done, and you probably don’t want that. I know I try to avoid it—although less so now than I used to.

The main tactic I’ve used to combat the smell throughout most of my time wearing diapers has been air fresheners. I’ve used quite a few different air fresheners over my few years, yet never been completely satisfied with any. They only cover up the smell, as far as I can tell, and it takes a good amount to do even that. Such a high amount tends to give me a headache. And when the smell of the air freshener fades, at least a faint smell of poop usually still remains.

I have tried additional smell-removal tactics over the years, such as opening a window or turning on a bathroom exhaust fan, but none of them have fully removed the smell either. That is, except for lighting a match.

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Fiction: Alicia, Part 5

This is the fifth part of Alicia’s story. You can start at the beginning here.

After my dad parked in our driveway, my sister got out in a huff and slammed her door. My dad rolled his eyes, then turned to me.

“Oh, good,” he said, “You pulled your skirt back up already. So, yeah, let’s just go to your room, and then we can talk and maybe get you changed.”

He got out of the car and I followed, sliding out with my backpack in hand. I slung it over my shoulder as I stood up.

Maybe get me changed?” I asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah. We can talk about it in a minute.”

I followed him to my room and shut the door behind me. He sat on my bed, as per his usual, and I swiveled my office chair to face him. As I sat down on it, I could feel my warm turds squishing underneath me, compacting more than they already had in the car.

He must have seen some pleasure on my face, because he asked, “You think it feels good?”

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Review: YERO Sling Bag

You may remember from this previous post that I was eyeing a sling bag (small one-strap backpack) on Amazon that I hoped could work as a diaper bag. I normally use a drawstring bag as a diaper bag if I need or want one separate from my backpack. It’s a good system, but I thought a sling bag might have some advantages over a drawstring bag. For example, I thought a sling bag might be more discreet, more equipped to hold other items I don’t like to keep in my pockets, and easier to hang on a hook in a bathroom stall.

As I anticipated, I did eventually buy the bag I was eyeing. It comes from the brand YERO and is part of the product series Local Lion. You can find it on Amazon if you search “YERO sling bag.” I got the brown version.


In a nutshell, here are my thoughts: It’s a nice bag, but not a good adult diaper bag. Please allow me to elaborate. . . .

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The Waistband Dilemma

One of the things about diapers that my mind has gone through many cycles on is the waistband dilemma: should I hide my diaper waistband or not?

Let me jump back in time just a little to show what I mean.

Approximately midway through the Fall semester last year, after revealing myself as a diaper lover to a friend and being accepted for it, I bought diapers for the first time in about six months. I jumped pretty quickly into wearing them to eat, to class, and in other public situations. But I told myself that it would be a bad idea to risk exposing the diaper to someone. If they saw even my waistband, they might become uncomfortable or have some other unpleasant emotional reaction, and I would have to endure whatever might come with being found out as a diaper wearer.

So, I made sure to hide my waistband as best I could. I kept a constant awareness of how my actions were moving my clothing, changing the way I moved to keep my waistband shrouded and pulling my shirt down whenever I even suspected my waistband might be in danger of being exposed. All of this caused me anxiety, in large part because it seemed like it might come off as suspicious.

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Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

Today, I went shopping with my mom at a Sam’s Club. When we first got to the store, we got a couple hot dogs and drinks and sat down to eat in the food area. Right after we sat down, I looked over to my left and something caught my eye: an adult diaper!?

A fairly young Asian lady wearing white shorts and a yellow shirt had just come into the food area. Poking out from the top of her shorts was what looked to be the waistband of an adult pull-up, something like the Abena one I recently tried.

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I Got New Wipes!

Wipes are the only diaper accessory I’ve ever bought, and they’ve been worth it. Believe it or not, though, I’ve only ever bought wipes 3 times!

The first time I bought wipes, I got baby wipes from Walgreens. They were cheap and high-quality, but I can’t remember the brand name or anything. The second time I bought wipes, it was on Amazon, after much internal debate about which ones to get. In retrospect, despite all my deliberation, I was probably too inexperienced with wipes to buy online; the ones I got were bad.


I remember some of the reasons I got them. They were from a brand I’d heard of, they were marketed for adults, they seemed reasonably-priced, and they came in a large enough quantity (a box of 8 packs) that they would count toward free shipping and mean I wouldn’t have to buy more for a while.

But, oh, the frustration they caused me. They were significantly smaller than the baby wipes I’d gotten before (BABY wipes, yes, BABY wipes were larger than these), they constantly ripped when I was taking them out of the pack or—worse—during use, they were difficult to wipe with, they were significantly less comfortable than my previous wipes, and the pack wouldn’t stay open when I needed it to.

Working through so many packs of them, I began to wonder if I’d only imagined the positive experience I’d had with my first wipes.

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Diaper Journal: 7/11/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

I ended up not changing out of my Prevail before bed last night, for no reason in particular. This morning, when I woke up, I sat on the edge of my bed and flooded it. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t leak at all.

I kept it on as I started my morning routine, then squatted to poop about fifteen minutes later. I changed into a new Prevail after that. I’d had the old one on for just under 24 hours before I changed it!

Side note: I now only have 1 wipe left! I really need to get to the store to buy another pack soon.

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