Update: I’m Not Sick!

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about how I’d most likely caught COVID-19 at work. Well, if any of you were concerned about me, you can now rest easier. I got tested a few days ago, and my test has come back negative. Hooray!

Although no test is perfect, I did get a PCR test, which is commonly regarded as the more accurate of the two available kinds. Considering that, along with the fact that I still don’t have symptoms, I think it’s safe to say I don’t have COVID-19.

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How I’ve Chosen Clothes with Diapers in Mind

Admittedly, I don’t get new clothes very often. However, I did select a good deal of my wardrobe with the intention of being able to comfortably and discreetly wear diapers underneath my clothes. So, how did I go about this?

Well, as I’ve written about before, I was hooked on diapers as soon as I tried my first pack, which was right around my 17th birthday. It wasn’t too long after that when the time to get some new pants came along. Since I’m quite tall and thin, I wasn’t able to find satisfactory pants in stores. The ones that fit my waist were too short, and the ones that were long enough were too big in the waist.

I’m pretty sure it was my mom who suggested for me to look online for pants. With that advice, I checked out Amazon, and they had some pants in my size. I’m not sure if I was always thinking about diapers while looking for my new pants, but I know I thought about diapers when choosing from the ones on Amazon. The first diaper-related decision I made was to get pleated pants. If I remember correctly, I had seen one of my professors wearing pleated pants at the college where I was dual-enrolled, and I thought that the pleating would help to conceal the shape of a diaper if I was wearing one.

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Introducing My Avatar

AB/DL artist Mostly Odourless (@Mostlyodourless on Twitter) designed the fantastic artwork you see below. I’m proud to introduce this character as my official avatar. I may be all about words, but this image shows who I am without a single one. It will be synonymous with my Diaper Demigod name going forward.

If you are interested in the AB/DL art commissioning process, I will soon be posting a detailed walk-through of my experience.

I’m in Quarantine

Well, the title says it. But let me give some context.

I graduated from my university at the end of 2019—right before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. After graduating, I applied to quite a few jobs and quickly got offered one as a cashier at a store. Of course, I didn’t get a degree with the intention of working in a store at all. However, I figured that I should take the job so that I would have some income as I searched for a better fit. Well, it feels like everything shut down almost right after I took the job. Everything except essential businesses, which included my store. I ended up sticking with the job longer than expected and earned a promotion along the way. Now that things are looking more optimistic in the world, I have been able to find some decent-looking jobs to apply to.

At the moment, though, I’m still working at a store, and that means me and my coworkers are constantly around numerous members of the general public. It’s a wonder to me that I worked for the store for more than a year without any real suspected exposure to COVID-19. My lack of suspected exposure changed yesterday, though, when I was informed that someone I worked with at length on Wednesday has tested positive for the virus.

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I Have So Many Diapers!

One of the last posts I wrote before my long blogging hiatus was about how I was running low on diapers. Well, I’m happy to report that I currently have a ton of diapers! This has nothing to do with my 2018 shortage, of course, but I figured my diaper inventory would be a good topic to update you all about.

I’m sure some readers have picked up hints that I have lots of diapers, since I have written about and posted pictures of some of the different kinds of diapers I have. Even if you gathered that I had a decent variety, though, you probably didn’t guess how many I have. I have exactly 239 diapers! Here is the breakdown:

I have . . .

  • 56 Tena Slip Active Fit Maxis
  • 27 NorthShore MEGAMAXes
  • 155 Prevail Air Overnights
  • 1 InControl Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper

In case you didn’t notice, all of these diapers are kinds that I’ve never reviewed on this blog. That’s because I never got my hands on them until recently.

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“Diaper Pride Flag” Update

As many of you probably know, I put up a blog post about a week ago entitled “My Diaper Pride Flag.” In that post, I showcased multiple versions of this “pride flag” and explained why I designed it the way I did.

After my post here, I shared my design on Reddit (on r/ABDL, to be specific). Side note: I mentioned my Reddit presence in my previous post about the XL Goodnites, but I don’t think I have mentioned it before. Truth be told, I believe I started my Reddit account in order to promote this blog on r/ABDL when I first started it. I think I had only ever browsed r/ABDL before then. After my post announcing this blog, I have mostly just been a browser/lurker. I have at times been very active in browsing the page, but I have rarely had the inclination to post or comment. (The reasons why are perhaps the subject for another post.)

Anyway, back to the main story. Here on my blog, I only got one comment about the flag, and it was positive. This comment actually came in after I had already gotten a lot of feedback on Reddit. Well, I say a lot, but all I mean is that it was a lot to me. Anyway, most of the feedback I got on Reddit at first was negative or critical, but I did get more positive feedback as time went on. (View the post and comments with this link.)

After having mulled over the feedback for about a week, I would like to indirectly respond to some of the criticism and then directly respond to a particular criticism. To begin with, I want to clarify my intentions in creating my design. I was not trying to take it upon myself to bestow a symbol upon AB/DLs or the larger diaper wearing community. Nor was I trying to replace any of the symbols that had previously been accepted (to one degree or another) by the AB/DL community. I was simply introducing a new symbol that I thought did a good job of representing most diaper wearers.

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XL Goodnites: First Impressions

In the latter part of January, I think on the 22nd, I came across a Reddit post (on r/ABDL) where someone was announcing that their free sample of the new XL Goodnites had arrived. I’m not usually super active on Reddit, so this was the first time I heard that Goodnites was coming out with a new size (or, more accurately, splitting the L/XL size into two sizes, L and XL).

I went over to the announcement page Goodnites had put up online and I guess I was feeling bold that day because I pretty much immediately ordered myself a free sample. I guess part of the reason I was bold enough to do this was because, while I still live with my parents, I now have a secret PO box.

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My Diaper Pride Flag

The story of the diaper pride flag I created begins with my creation of a logo for my blog.

The Story of My Logo:

On Thursday, I took it upon myself to make a logo for my blog. I have wanted to make a logo for a while, probably since 2018, but I figured it was finally time to pull the trigger. I thought about buying or commissioning a logo, but I decided to try my hand at one first. I’m pretty happy with the result, so I think I’ll be sticking with my design—at least for a while.

My logo is meant to be two letter Ds, one nested inside the other. The Ds, of course, stand for Diaper Demigod. Both of the Ds are roughly in the shape of a diaper and the inner D is filled in to look like a diaper. I had a hard time settling on a color for the outer D, but I went with a golden color in the end to try and evoke the same feel of strength and power that the word “Demigod” has. I don’t think it fully works, but it was close enough for me and I couldn’t think of a better option.

The text on the left side of the golden D is also meant to evoke the idea of a demigod. When I think of the concept of a demigod, I think of Greek mythology, so I used Google Translate to translate “Diaper Demigod” into Greek. Now, I have no knowledge of the language, so I’m not at all sure how good the translation is, but I hope it’s right. Even if it’s off in some way, the look of the letters definitely brings out the “Greek myth” feel I was going for.

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