Optimism About Being Found Out

As I was driving home from work last night, it hit me that I currently have a ton of optimism about others’ potential reactions to my diapers and my potential reactions to them afterward. It also hit me how this optimism has changed my life, such as by making me more relaxed and brave when it comes to diapers.

One thing I’m optimistic about is how my parents would react if they found me out. I doubt they would freak out, and I feel my explanation of my situation would be enough to ease any fears they might have upon finding out. I don’t think they would try to punish me or change me in any way afterward. Nothing about them has changed to make me feel this way instead of how I used to feel (like them finding out would be the end of the world). Only my outlook has changed, from negative to uncertain to positive.

As a result, I wear diapers almost all the time when I’m at home and often have nothing covering my diaper whenever I’m in my room. Also, I keep a stack of diapers on the top shelf of my bedside table. Essentially, I hide my diapers way less than I did when I had a less positive outlook on the possibility of being found out by my parents.

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