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My Diaper Aspirations and Habits (A Recent History)


My Origin Story

How I’ve Chosen Clothes with Diapers in Mind

Introducing My Avatar

I Have So Many Diapers!

“Diaper Pride Flag” Update

XL Goodnites: First Impressions

My Diaper Pride Flag

I’m Back (!!!)

Why I Didn’t & Do Like Wearing to Bed

A Quick Update on My Diaper Shortage

A Close Call While Changing in a Stall

A Diaper Conversation At Dinner

I’m Running Low on Diapers

Diaper Journal: 8/4/18

My Recent Diaper History

Diaper Journal: 7/30/18

The Easiest & Worst Time to Get Caught

The Time I Almost Got Found Out

Diaper Journal: 7/29/18

Diaper Journal: 7/26/18

Review: NorthShore Supreme Briefs

Fiction: Alicia, Part 6

Diaper Journal: 7/24/18

Diaper Journal: 7/23/18

Light a Match!

Fiction: Alicia, Part 5

Review: YERO Sling Bag

The Waistband Dilemma

Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

I Got New Wipes!

Diaper Journal: 7/11/18

Diaper Journal: 7/10/18

Would an Average Person See Past the Surface of a Diaper?

Diapers and Sexuality

Diaper Journal: 7/7/18

An Upcoming Opportunity to Order Diapers

Diaper Journal: 7/6/18

Fiction: Alicia, Part 4

Diaper Journal: 7/5/18

Optimism About Being Found Out

Fiction: Alicia, Part 3

How I Satisfy My Craving

My New Favorite Diaper

Fiction: Alicia, Part 2

Why Diapers Aren’t Gross

Nighttime Diapering

We’ve All Worn Diapers!

Fiction: Alicia, Part 1

Introducing Sorting

Diaper Journal: 7/1/18

A Diaper Bag Discussion

Diaper Journal: 6/30/18

Do Diapers Require Accessories?

Are Diapers Like an Underwear-Shorts Combo?

Diaper Unboxing (Kinda)

Dogs’ Reaction to Disposed Diapers

If I’d Gone Diapered as a Kid

Worst. Diaper. Ever.

Dogs’ Reaction to Diapers

The Scent a Diaper Gives the Skin

My First Time Buying Diapers

Why Go Diapered Without Pants/Shorts?

Deadpool 2: Pants Wetting

The Best Drugstore Diaper

Review: Abena Abri-Flex Premium M3

Diaper Disposal with a Roommate

A Quick Diaper Disposal Tip

Diaper Ranking

Hi, I’m the Diaper Demigod!