Fiction: Alicia, Part 1

This is the first in a new Fiction series of posts. Fiction posts will be fiction stories (by me) centered around adult diapers, often presented in several parts. They won’t have sexual content such as masturbation or sex, but some readers may find them sexually interesting and there’s no shame in that. This first story is about a girl named Alicia whose dad designs a “super diaper” and wants her to test it out over a month.

Hi, my name’s Alicia. My dad has been incontinent his whole life, and he has worked for the major diaper manufacturer B&Q for almost ten years now. Recently, he moved into research and development, or R&D.

For most of my life I didn’t see his incontinence, diaper use, or job as very significant. It was always in the far, far background of my life. My parents potty-trained me like a regular kid and my dad was very discreet with his diapers and when talking about his job.

That all pretty much changed once he started R&D. As soon as he was in the door, he got the ball rolling on designing a super diaper of sorts. His central idea was to have super thick padding all over the diaper, instead of just centered around one’s private parts. That would, he predicted, totally eliminate leaks resulting from awkward positions and decrease the need for diaper changes significantly.

One of the most radical ideas he had was that it would be a diaper anyone could handle. Anyone, even a totally continent person who hadn’t ever seen a diaper up close, could pick up one of his super diapers and never have an issue with it, even on the first try.

I think that’s one of the reasons he wanted me to be the test subject for his diaper once he got the first batch manufactured. I was a regular person who hadn’t really paid any attention to diapers. Plus, he only had enough for one person, he could constantly check in with me, and we hadn’t done any father-daughter bonding stuff in a while.

I’d heard so much about the diaper at the point he suggested that I try it that I was almost interested enough to say yes on the spot. But I asked to think it over just in case. After a couple days of thinking over the pros and cons of participating in the diaper test and asking him questions, I agreed.

I told him my decision over breakfast, and that night he brought a huge box of the diapers home. After dinner, he grabbed the box and beckoned me to follow him to my room.

He cleared aside some shoes on the floor of my closet and slid the box in, then proceeded to organize my shoes beside it. “Go ahead and sit down,” he said. “I’ll be over in a second.”

I sat on my bed and in a minute, he brought over a pack of the diapers. He broke a perforation on the pack with his fingers and pulled a diaper out. It was huge!

He set the pack on the floor and pulled at the diaper to open it up. Then he folded it in half and handed it to me. What seemed to be the front half faced me. In the center, there was small text that said, “This garment should be changed when the five wetness indicator circles on the front and the five on the back have turned red.”

I looked and saw two circle outlines near the top of the diaper, one on the left and one on the right; two outlines halfway down the diaper, one on the left and one on the right; and one outline near the crotch, at the center of the diaper. I flipped the diaper over and the pattern of circles was the same on the other side.

“So,” my dad said, “what do you think? Do you think you’re ready to use one without me explaining anything?”

“Umm . . .” I said, “How exactly am I supposed to put it on?”

“Oh!” he said, grabbing the diaper and pointing. “Do you see these rectangular things? You peel them off the back and attach them to the front to close the diaper around you.”

“Oh,” I said. “Maybe you should write that on the diaper too.”

“Huh. It is on the packaging, but maybe you’re right. After all, we do explain the wetness indicator system. I’ll pitch it to my team.”

I smiled, then blushed as I had a thought that was practical but not ideal. Reluctantly, I asked, “Can you show me how to put it on once, so I don’t mess it up?”

“Oh, haha. Yeah. Darn, I really thought I would be able to hand it to you and let you take it from there. I really do have some work to do if I want to make it as user friendly as possible. Anyway, yeah, I can help you put it on–over your regular underwear so that I don’t see anything I don’t need to.”


“Yeah. Go ahead and take your pants off–oh, man, I really sound perverted. But, yeah.”

I laughed. “Okay. No worries, Dad.”

I took my shoes and socks off, then slid off my uniform khakis (I go to a private school). I basked for a half second in the glory of my toned legs, but quickly turned my attention back to the diaper at hand. “So, will I have to take the diaper off after we put it on together and then put it on without my underwear?”

“Uh, no, I don’t think so. With most diapers, that would be wise, but this diaper should have so much coverage and wicking power that you could use it even with your underwear still on underneath. But if you don’t want to pee in your underwear, then you will want to take them off once I leave you to your privacy.”

“Nah. These ones are black, so they should be fine. Let’s get this thing on!”

My dad stood up, and I did too. He explained how I should fold the diaper in half long-ways before putting it on, then slide it between my legs. He folded it as a demonstration and then let me slide it between my legs.

“Line your legs up with those black lines near your crotch,” he said. I looked down and saw the lines he was talking about, then centered them underneath me.

“Okay,” he said. “Now, hold the diaper in place with your thighs and pull the front of it up.

“I think I get it, Dad,” I said. I pulled the front half of the diaper tight to my skin and held the right side in place with my left hand as I grabbed a tape with my right hand and pinned the padding down with it. I secured the other tape on that side as well, then did the same on the other side.

“Ta-da!” I said as I looked up with a smile. My dad was smiling too.

“It’s not hard to figure out once you know what the tapes are for, yeah?”

I nodded.

“Great! Now . . .” He came up to me and examined the diaper. “Yeah. So, it looks like you need to make it a little tighter. All you have to do is pick up the tapes and move them more toward the center.”

I moved the tapes one by one until they each came close to touching a circle outline.

“Awesome!” my dad said once I’d finished. He sat back down on my bed and I did too. The diaper made it feel like I was sitting on one of my pillows! It was so soft and thick all over!

After a minute of my dad staring off into space and me patting various places on my diaper and bouncing up and down a bit, he said, “So, are you sure you’re up for this? A whole month with these diapers replacing toilets completely? It’s not too late to back out.”

“No, I don’t want to back out,” I said. “This thing feels great. Plus, I’ve already thought through it a ton of times–and asked you tons of questions, remember?”

He laughed. “Yeah, you did do that. But that’s to be expected. Anyway, have fun. And, please, let me know if you have any more questions tonight. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be checking in with you regularly anyway.”

With that, he was gone. Shortly, I heard him chatting with my mom and freshman sister in the living room.

I still had some homework left to do, so I sat at my desk and got to work on it. Wow! It felt so different and so good to sit in the diaper at my desk too!

About fifteen minutes later, I pulled a water out of the mini-fridge between my desk and bed and gulped down half of it. Partially, it was because I was thirsty thanks to dinner. Partially, it was because I was anxious to use the diaper.

After I finished my homework, I sat in my beanbag chair and turned on my TV. About an hour later, a bottle and a half of water in my system, I noticed the strong urge to pee during a commercial break.

I tried to let it out, but I couldn’t. I got into squatting position. That got me closer to letting go, but still, nothing happened. I muted my TV, closed my eyes, and relaxed. A few seconds later, a squirt of pee came out. It startled me so much that I opened my eyes and stopped going.

The warmth in my crotch was strange, but not necessarily bad. I closed my eyes again. The pee came easier this time, and I was able to keep it flowing until I was done. I felt warmth spread up the front of the diaper and up the back, pretty much equally.

I flopped back onto my beanbag chair and looked down. I was still just wearing the diaper and my shirt. The bottom circle was filled with a slightly pink color.

So excited and curious that I didn’t really consider my actions, I sped out into the family room to ask my dad if the circle counted as being red. Of course, once I got there, my sister started laughing hysterically and pointing at the diaper. “Alicia’s wearing a diaper!” Tonya said. “She looks like a toddler!”

“I do not,” I shot back. She kept laughing.

My mom hit her with the back of her hand, though she was smiling too. “Tonya, don’t make fun of your sister,” she said.

Tonya’s laughter died down to random muffled chuckles. “Did you need something?” my dad asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “I was wondering. Does this count as red?” I pointed at the bottom circle on the front of the diaper.

He leaned forward. “Oh, no. That’s far from red. Like I told you, you can pee in that thing tons of times before you need to change. You’ll know when you need to change. All of the circles will be super red.”

At that, my sister burst out laughing again. “You peed in it?” she said between laughs.

“Thanks, dad,” I said, then went back to my room to get away from Tonya. She really should be more mature by now.

Since it was a school night, I got ready for bed shortly after asking my dad about the circle color. I brushed my teeth and applied a little skin cream in the bathroom, then went to my room, closed my door, and changed into a tank top. I would normally wear shorts to bed too, but the diaper was more than enough bottom coverage.

I didn’t have to pee again before I fell asleep, but I knew from experience that I would produce a waterfall in the morning.

The diaper was so comfy and still felt completely dry, so I had no trouble falling asleep with it on.

Did you enjoy the first installment of Alicia’s story? Do you look forward to more Fiction posts? Please leave me a comment or a like to let me know!

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