I Got New Wipes!

Wipes are the only diaper accessory I’ve ever bought, and they’ve been worth it. Believe it or not, though, I’ve only ever bought wipes 3 times!

The first time I bought wipes, I got baby wipes from Walgreens. They were cheap and high-quality, but I can’t remember the brand name or anything. The second time I bought wipes, it was on Amazon, after much internal debate about which ones to get. In retrospect, despite all my deliberation, I was probably too inexperienced with wipes to buy online; the ones I got were bad.


I remember some of the reasons I got them. They were from a brand I’d heard of, they were marketed for adults, they seemed reasonably-priced, and they came in a large enough quantity (a box of 8 packs) that they would count toward free shipping and mean I wouldn’t have to buy more for a while.

But, oh, the frustration they caused me. They were significantly smaller than the baby wipes I’d gotten before (BABY wipes, yes, BABY wipes were larger than these), they constantly ripped when I was taking them out of the pack or—worse—during use, they were difficult to wipe with, they were significantly less comfortable than my previous wipes, and the pack wouldn’t stay open when I needed it to.

Working through so many packs of them, I began to wonder if I’d only imagined the positive experience I’d had with my first wipes.

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Diaper Journal: 7/5/18

This is the third post in my new Diaper Journal series. Please let me know in the comments section if you do or don’t like this type of content so I know if I should keep this series going!

Yesterday, I changed into a Prevail Air around 2 PM but used it so little that I ended up wearing it to bed last night. When I woke up this morning, around 8 AM, I had a moderate urge to pee. I tried to pee in the position I woke up in, but I couldn’t, so I eventually sat up and peed while sitting on the edge of my bed. I peed a medium amount, which was a bit odd because I normally pee a lot and this was the like the third time in a row I haven’t peed a lot in the morning.

After I peed, I took my dogs out. Then, instead of eating a ‘real’ breakfast, I had maybe five crackers and some soda because I was out of cereal. Soon, while checking various apps on my phone, I peed a little.

Then I started watching an episode of a TV show. I pooped during it, then peed a little more around its end. Then I got up and changed into a MoliCare Super Plus. I peed a little bit two separate times while doing various activities around my house. Then I had a small wetting while making lunch.

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Do Diapers Require Accessories?

I know that many people who are interested in diapers but have never worn them, as well as many people giving advice to those people, believe diapers require accessories such as powders, creams, wipes, inserts, and plastic pants.

I’d like to shatter this myth. While there are some diaper accessories I would recommend, none are necessary.

For anyone reading this who has never tried a diaper but wants to, I’d advise you to just buy diapers at first. That’s what I did. I’d imagined diapers as being great, but I wanted to buy some to make sure. And if I’d bought accessories and not liked the diapers, the accessories would’ve meant more money lost on top of the money I’d spent on the diapers.

That advice aside, here is a list of some accessories and my thoughts on them:

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