XL Goodnites: First Impressions

In the latter part of January, I think on the 22nd, I came across a Reddit post (on r/ABDL) where someone was announcing that their free sample of the new XL Goodnites had arrived. I’m not usually super active on Reddit, so this was the first time I heard that Goodnites was coming out with a new size (or, more accurately, splitting the L/XL size into two sizes, L and XL).

I went over to the announcement page Goodnites had put up online and I guess I was feeling bold that day because I pretty much immediately ordered myself a free sample. I guess part of the reason I was bold enough to do this was because, while I still live with my parents, I now have a secret PO box.

As some of you may know from previous posts, I have worn Goodnites before. Actually, I mostly (or maybe entirely) used Dollar General knockoffs before 2018. The summer of 2018 is the first time I remember definitely using real Goodnites. I always used the L/XL size, even back in the knockoff days.

Even though I used the largest size available, it was always a bit too small. A bit too tight. I was never uncomfortable, and I never got any kind of marks on my skin from them, but I could tell that I was too big for them. When I saw the new size option, I was excited. The maximum weight listed for users is 140 pounds, which is slightly more than what I weigh.

After I placed my order for the free sample, I got an e-mail saying to expect it in 2-4 weeks. I was a bit concerned about the level of uncertainty the company was presenting me with, since I only check my PO box when I know I’m supposed to have mail, but I figured maybe this was just a confirmation e-mail. Maybe I would get another e-mail with tracking info.

Well, for whatever reason, I didn’t wait and see. I instead posted to Reddit asking if anyone who got the sample got tracking info. They said no, but suggested for me to use USPS Informed Delivery in order to see my incoming mail. This was good advice, I assume, but I ran into a problem. When I tried to sign up, I was told I would need to verify my identity in person to be able to get the service. Frustrated, I gave up. I probably shouldn’t have, but I didn’t want to have to deal with the identity verification process. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too difficult, but I was just over it.

Normally, I try to pick up my mail on the day it’s delivered or the day after if I know it’s something too big to fit in my PO box. I don’t want to cause any trouble by leaving my packages in the lockers or behind the counter for too long. I wasn’t sure if the Goodnites sample would be too big for my PO Box, but I figured if it was and I didn’t pick it up in a timely manner, the post office people could just send it back or something. It’s not like it was something I paid for. Of course, I didn’t want it to come to that, since it would be a disappointment for me and an annoyance for them, but I wasn’t going to let myself lose sleep over it.

I was a bit nervous about it at first, though, so I checked my PO box after about a week just in case the sample came earlier than expected. It didn’t, and then I kept forgetting to check for it and putting off checking for it for “just one more day.” That is, until last night. After work last night, I stopped off at my post office and opened my box to find . . . the sample was inside! I have the smallest PO box size, by the way, and yet the sample fit!

Once home, I snuck my sample inside by wrapping it up in a jacket I had out in my vehicle. I then took some photos of the unboxing experience to post here and took a look at the two pull-ups within. You see, the sample didn’t just include the XL size. It included both of the new sizes for comparison purposes.

I was surprised at how similar the two sizes are. The XL only has slightly more padding and a slightly higher waistband than the L. The biggest difference in my eyes is the size of the stretchy side panels. But even that difference is not huge, or exciting. I mean, what’s an inch or two more of cheap, monochrome fabric? I was a bit disappointed by how similar the two pull-ups looked, but I wasn’t going to make any final judgements without trying the XL, so I slipped it on after changing out of the MEGAMAX I’d worn to work (I’ll be reviewing NorthShore’s MEGAMAX soon).

The XL fit just right, at least insofar as it didn’t feel tight like the old L/XLs always did. It didn’t feel loose, either. Just snug.

At first, I didn’t pay any mind to the low waistband of the pull-up. However, it wasn’t long before I wet it. I happened to get a little excited by the wetting, I guess because of the fact that I was using a “new” diaper, or maybe because there was some nostalgia involved. In any case, my excitement made my penis stick out of the top of the Goodnite. Well, that’s not comfortable or good for wetting. Not that I was going to be wetting again before the excitement died down, but still. If this product is made for teens who still wet the bed, guess what? Teen males get erections, even while sleeping, so this could be a problem for the product’s target audience.

Hey, I don’t know. I’m just throwing the possibility out there. I’m sure the Goodnites designers have considered that potential issue more than I have. Or maybe they’ve ignored it. Who knows. The product’s intended audience isn’t really a concern for me, since that’s not who I’m reviewing it for. I guess I just wish the product designers would have added height for teens so us adults could unintentionally benefit.

Enough of that awkward topic. Time to talk about performance. I assume the absorbency is about the same as it is in the L/XL size, since the padding appears to be nearly the same size in the two new versions. But of course I did test it. Personally, I was able to wet twice with no problems. I wet quite a bit both times, if I remember correctly, and I was standing both times because I was afraid of leaks. I would have risked wetting in other positions if I’d had a full pack, but I only had the one sample.

I wore the Goodnite to bed and I didn’t have any discomfort in the night even though it was quite full before I fell asleep. I woke up in the early hours of the morning needing to pee, so I stood up with the Goodnite on and, in my sleepy haze, opened the floodgates into it. Had I been more conscious, I might have been more careful and wet in increments or more slowly to give the padding more time to absorb my pee. I didn’t, though, so I soon ended up with pee running down my legs. At that point, I was already going to be cleaning up a mess, so I finished relieving myself. The leakage was massive, and I ended up with a big puddle underneath me.

For whatever reason, I decided that I needed to pull my Goodnite off right after I was done peeing, without giving it any time to absorb the liquid it was managing to contain. Of course, that led to more pee on the floor. Luckily, I keep towels in my room, so I grabbed one and wiped up the puddle. I left the towel on the ground until this morning, when I finished cleaning up the mess with some antibacterial spray I keep in my room.

I took a look at the padding of the used Goodnite before sitting down to write this post, and it looked to be full everywhere except at the very top of the back side.

Well, that was my first experience with an XL Goodnite. Since the experience was only marginally better than my past experiences with L/XL Goodnites, I’m not planning to buy any when they hit shelves. I’ll stick with adult diapers. Although, make no mistake: I don’t let padding go to waste, so I’ll be using the sample I have of the L size at some point.

Did you get a sample? Are you planning on getting one? Will you be getting a pack when the XLs hit store shelves? Let me know in the comments and please like this post if you liked reading my first impressions of this product.

2 thoughts on “XL Goodnites: First Impressions

    1. If you are asking about Goodnites samples, I would expect the package to be delivered in your mailbox since it is rather small for a package. Also, I believe they shipped mine via USPS, which is the carrier that delivers most mail to your mailbox. However, you never know what might happen. My sample package was delivered to a PO box, so I did not have an experience with it being delivered to my street mailbox or house.


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