Diapers and Sexuality

I know I haven’t explicitly stated this on my blog yet, so let me go ahead and be clear: There is a sexual component to my love of diapers.

When I was in the midst of puberty, the sexual component to my love of diapers was huge and dominant. However, it is actually very small at this time in my life.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it should be swept under the rug, though. We (those of us who have one) shouldn’t hide or deny the sexual component to our love of diapers just because it might make it easier for others, even others in the ABDL or incontinence community, to accept us. The fact that the sexual component isn’t all there is, and for lots of us is small, should be good enough to get acceptance. The truth should be good enough.

Plus, think about this. Would you want to come out to someone as a diaper lover but still hide or deny some of your feelings about diapers? That would hurt; you would still have a secret burning inside your chest. And if they accepted every other part of your love of diapers, chances are they would accept the sexual part, too.

That’s not to say people who you reveal yourself as a diaper lover to would be comfortable interacting with the sexual side of your diaper life. Mentioning something is way different from exposing somebody to something. So if your love of diapers happens to be predominantly sexual, sorry, but you should probably confine your diaper activities to your bedroom.

In the past, I’ve wished I didn’t have a sexual component to my love of diapers. It would make my interest in them totally innocent. But the sexual component is there; it’s part of me. So I have to deal with it. And I think the best option for dealing with it is owning it.

I started the process to owning the sexual component to my love of diapers on this blog by starting my Fiction series of posts. Then I finished the process at the beginning of this post.

So, if you don’t have a sexual interest in diapers and somehow got this far in my post anyway, don’t worry; my blog isn’t about to become overrun with sexual content. I just wanted to write this post to encourage people not to hide or deny the sexual component to their love of diapers, if they have one, to others or themselves.

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