Diaper Ranking

In this post, I will rank my top 5 diapers and explain the ranking of each by referencing others. In future posts, I will review the diapers individually and detail their benefits and drawbacks.

#1: MoliCare Slip Super Plus

#2: Prevail Air Stretchable Briefs

#3: Tranquility ATN

#4: Abena Abri-Flex Premium M3

#5: Abena Abri-Form M4

The MoliCare Slip comes in at #1 for me, barely beating the Prevail, which it does for two main reasons. First, the MoliCare has leak guards, whereas the Prevail does not. Second, I am on my first pack of the Prevails, whereas I have been buying the MoliCares and using them as my primary diaper for around eight months; in other words, I have to consider that I may be on a temporary high with the Prevails.

The Prevail Air comes in at #2 for me, barely being beaten by the Molicare (for the above reasons). But, why does it outrank the others? All the others on the list have leak guards, and I’ve used Tranquility ATNs for around six months, much longer than I’ve used the Prevail. Well, yes, the ATN used to be my #2, but I never liked it too much. The absorbency wasn’t amazing, like it is in the Molicares. Plus, I wasn’t a huge fan of the plastic exterior, though it did help contain leaks. On the other hand, the Prevail is highly aesthetically pleasing (in look and feel) and the absorbency is way higher than I expected (I’m not sure exactly yet, but the absorbency seems to be on par with or better than the Molicare’s absorbency).

And let me gush about the Prevail’s design just a little before my official review: I didn’t think I would ever want a diaper that feels like regular underwear, and I never found one . . . until the Prevail. It’s hard to describe accurately, but this diaper feels enough like underwear that it makes me more confident than I’ve ever been wearing a diaper under clothing.  Plus, it’s somehow more comfortable than regular underwear or the MoliCare.

Coming in as my #3 diaper is the Tranquility ATN. It outranks the Abena M4, which also has a plastic exterior that helps with leaks, because it is less bulky and less expensive.

My #4 diaper is the Abena Abri-Flex M3. It’s the only pull-up on my list. It outranks the Abena Abri-Form Air Flex M4, which did not make my top 5 list, for a couple reasons. (Don’t confuse the Abri-Form Air Flex M4 with the regular Abri-Form M4, which did make my list. The former has a cloth-like exterior whereas the latter has a plastic exterior.) Both the Abri-Flex and the Abri-Form Air Flex are similar in that they are bulky and heavy. The bulk of the Air Flex, however, covers most of the diaper and pulls the diaper down (I had the same problem with the S4 size of the diaper, in case you were wondering). With the Abri-Flex, the bulk is in a narrow strip covering the crotch and butt crack. The bulk does not pull the pull-up down, even when wet, due to the elasticity of the material that most of the pull-up is made of. Another reason the Abri-Flex beats the Air Flex is because it’s a pull-up. Pull-ups are super convenient in some situations. They can easily be put on when one is at home and feeling lazy, for instance. The Abri-Flex beats the regular M4 because of the pull-up advantages and the loud plastic the regular M4 is made of.

Last, we come to my #5 diaper, the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4. It beats the many diapers (at least 5 others) that did not make the list mainly because it is super thick and absorptive and I can pee in it while in virtually any position without it leaking. If I ever become a bedwetter, this is the diaper I’ll need for peace of mind (and if you’re a bedwetter, I hope this is the one you’re using at night).

Of course, this ranking exercise is based largely in personal experience and opinions. Nonetheless, I hope I’ve inspired you to try anything on the list that you haven’t already. If you’re a beginner, I doubt you could do wrong by picking from my top 3 to start your diaper journey.

Also, I may change my opinions and my rankings at any time. In fact, I plan to update my list (with a new post) anytime my ranking shifts. It probably won’t be as thorough, though; I think I’ll just say what changed and why. Stay tuned for more great posts–I’ll post at least once a week, but I’m pushing out posts faster now since I’m just beginning.

Please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear about your favorite diapers!

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