A Quick Diaper Disposal Tip

I wanted to make this brief post to share something I’ve learned about disposing adult diapers that I haven’t heard anywhere else. This tip is mainly intended and phrased for people who need to keep their diaper wearing a secret, since I use it to keep mine a secret, but others may find it useful as well.

Ever since I started wearing adult diapers, when I was sixteen, I’ve disposed of them by putting them in plastic grocery bags and later throwing the bags into an outdoor trash can or, when at college, a dumpster. (Actually, my very-very early decision was to use Ziploc bags, but I only barely remember that and it didn’t last long.)

When I first got diapers, I was so afraid to throw them in my family’s outdoor trash can that I hid my grocery bags full of used diapers in my closet for a long time, until I could drive them to a public trash can of some kind (a typical choice of mine was gas station trash cans). I was afraid of using my home’s outdoor trash can because shortly before I began using diapers, my parents went through all the trash in the outdoor can to try to find something they lost, and I was afraid it might happen again. At first, when hiding bags of used diapers in my closet, my closet smelled terrible and my parents commented that my room smelled bad. Fast forward–to now, for example. I’m home from college for the summer, and I don’t get any comments like that. One reason is because I’m no longer afraid to use the outdoor trash can (for various reasons). Another is because I mastered the art of grocery bag diaper disposal.

So, here’s a useful tip that I learned. If you’ve only peed in your diaper, you shouldn’t seal your disposal bag up. That means you should either leave your diapers in the open (I now put mine in an open trash can in my room and transfer them to a bag for the outdoor trash) or make sure the bag you put your diapers in is sealed as little as possible while still sealed enough to make you comfortable about the diaper being hidden. (Yes, you should still wrap your diaper up on itself in either case). Somehow, I guess this bagging method makes the smell of the pee distribute in the air enough that it isn’t noticeable. Or maybe sealing wet diapers causes smelly chemical reactions. Or maybe both, or maybe something else. All I know is that if you seal a wet diaper, the smell turns bad (I typically find that pee smells good) and seems more potent. That’s a combo to avoid–and it’s easy to avoid if you don’t seal your bags!

What if you pooped your diaper, though? Well, in that case, seal it! Seal it as much as possible! And make it your top priority to get the bag out of your room. Poop has a more potent smell than pee, so the smell will fill up your room if you don’t seal up your poopy diaper. Smells are bound to get through a sealed bag, even a super-sealed bag, whether the diapers inside are wet or messy or both. Sealing the bag will buy you some time if there’s poop in it, but your time is still limited. (The pee in the diaper will have the normal reaction, as described above, when sealed up, but it will be so overshadowed by the poop’s smell that it loses importance.)

I plan to post an in-depth disposal guide in the future, so stay tuned. And please, leave me a comment on this post. Did you like my tip? Did you already know it? Tell me everything!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Diaper Disposal Tip

  1. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be interesting to read through content from other writers and practice a little something from their web sites.

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  2. Learned all of this by trial and error! Great minds think alike, eh? Awesome post to help others who don’t have the time for trial and error.

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