Why Diapers Aren’t Gross

I know many non-ABDL people would probably think using adult diapers is gross. I have encountered several on the internet saying just that. Relative to the stuff those “normal” people do, though, wearing and using diapers isn’t gross.

“Normal” people . . .

  • often sit on toilet seats where a few to hundreds of other people have sat. These seats likely have urine droplets on them or dry urine smeared all over them. Plus, they’re usually covered with butt sweat. Some have pubic hair on them.
  • see and smell their pee and poop outputs most of the time (before they flush the toilet), just like diapered people do.
  • often leave pee and/or poop in a toilet without flushing it so that the toilet’s next user sees and smells it. That next user may decide to relieve him- or herself in the other person’s waste.
  • sometimes leave skid marks in toilets for all to see.
  • (of the male variety) often use urinals that stink badly of urine.
  • (of the male variety) often must step in a puddle of urine to get close enough to the urinal or toilet to relieve themselves.
  • (of the male variety) sometimes get urine on their hands or have it splashed onto their clothing while urinating.
  • listen to one another pee and/or poop in neighboring stalls and urinals while in the bathroom.
  • sometimes use portable toilets where they relieve themselves in a vat of others’ waste. Many surfaces in the portable toilets may be covered with waste. The whole thing stinks badly. There may be no toilet paper or hand sanitizer for cleanup.
  • sometimes clog toilets with their poop and must wrestle with it to solve the problem.
  • usually poop into water.
  • sometimes relieve themselves outdoors.

All of these things are gross to some degree, and many are very gross. And they aren’t even all of the gross things that “normal” people do, just the ones I could think of! The only reason these things are more accepted than using diapers is because they are done more. Because, really, everything involved in using diapers, when compared to everything any given “normal” person does, is less gross. And if “normal” people don’t consider what they do to be gross, then they shouldn’t think diaper use is gross either. I wish more non-ABDLs realized this.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that diaper use isn’t gross compared to “normal” evacuation activities? Do you have more examples of gross things “normal” people do? Do you perhaps disagree with me? Whatever your thoughts, please leave them for me in a comment. Also, please like this post if you enjoyed reading it!

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