Fiction: Alicia, Part 2

This is the second part of Alicia’s story. You can read the first part here.

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock barely had a chance to go off before I hit Snooze. I usually hit it quick and lay in bed for five more minutes, so I can ease into awake life.

That day, a Friday, was a bit different though. Instead of easing myself awake, I immediately sat up, propped myself up with my pillow, and threw off my comforter.

It was true! I was wearing a diaper. A bunch of emotions hit me at once and a smile took over my face.

I felt so special to be the first test subject for my dad’s super diaper. And I felt super relaxed knowing I could pee anytime I had to. And the diaper itself felt so good against my skin, like I was wrapped in a pillow.

Okay, okay. That’s probably the second or third time I compared the diaper to a pillow. But that’s really what it was like! Let me describe some more details about this thing so you understand.

The exterior was cloth-like, and the interior was covered with super absorptive padding. It was thickest in a strip going from the top back of the diaper to the top front of the diaper. The padding there was two or three inches thick. I couldn’t touch my thighs together thanks to how thick it was between my legs. Going away from that center strip, the padding thickness decreased, but it never got too thin. The thinnest padding was on the wings of the diaper, but it was all over them (and I now know that isn’t a normal thing for diapers).

Another feeling soon hit me as I looked at the diaper: I really had to pee. I lifted up one butt cheek and bent my knee, then let out a little grunt as pee started trickling into my diaper. Then I sighed as my stream got to its normal toilet pace. Even at that pace, it probably took me forty-five whole seconds to finish peeing. I gave a few squirts at the end.

As I lay back in relief, I realized it was much easier to pee this time than it had been the night before. I wondered why. Maybe it was because I was more comfortable with the diaper after already using it once, or maybe it was because my urge to go was much stronger this time.

A couple minutes later, as I still basked in the ecstasy of my relief and my super-warm crotch, someone knocked on my bedroom door and then opened it a crack. “Can I come in?” my dad asked.

“Yeah,” I replied as I sat up a little more, my voice still sounding groggy.

He opened the door and came in a few steps. He was already dressed for work. “Wakey, wakey!” he said as he entered. “I made waffles. And I’m taking you to school today, so that means we need to leave fifteen minutes earlier than when your mom takes you.”

I smiled. “Sounds good. I’ll start getting ready.”

Something caught my dad’s eye, and he took a few more steps toward me. “Did you already use your diaper this morning?” he asked, apparently rhetorically. “Wow. You need to go as quickly and as much as your mom in the mornings, huh? And look at that! That bottom circle is almost halfway red!”

I sat forward to look at the circle. “Yeah, it is,” I realized. I looked up at my dad with a proud smile. “It was actually really easy to go in it this morning for some reason.”

“Oh, that’s great!” he said. “I’m glad you’re adjusting quickly.”

After a few seconds, he said, “Well, I better let you get ready so I’m not late to work.” Then he left and closed the door.

As soon as he left, I got out of bed and threw a couple textbooks and my homework in my backpack. When I saw the pack of diapers my dad had left on the floor next to my backpack the night before, I decided I better take one with me in case I needed to change at school. It didn’t seem likely that I would, but to be safe I grabbed one and stuck it in the front compartment of my backpack, behind my tablet.

Then I took off my tank top, put on deodorant, put on my uniform polo, and threw a light sweater on top. Finally, though I hated to, it was time to cover up my diaper. I grabbed a fresh pair of my uniform khakis off a hanger in my closet and pulled them on.

But they wouldn’t come up past my diaper! They got stuck at the very bottom of it. I tried really hard to get them up. I even danced around like a crazy person. But I couldn’t get them up, and even if I eventually did, I knew I wouldn’t be able to zip and button them.

“Dad!” I called. He showed up not too long after.

“Yes, sweetie?” he inquired as he opened the door.

“I can’t get these. Stupid. Pants. On,” I answered, still dancing around like a madwoman.

“Ohh,” he said. He frowned and put his hand to his chin. “That doesn’t look like it’s going to work at all. You have skirts, though, right? How about you use one of those?”

“I can’t. The dress code doesn’t allow skirts or dresses. Just polos and khakis for everyone.”

“Darn. That’s right. Well, I’ll tell you what. Put on a skirt, and I’ll explain your situation to your principal when we get to the school.”

“You really think she would let me break dress code just to do your test?”

“Yeah. Linda was one of my best friends in college. I’m sure she’d help us out.”

“Oh, right. I totally forgot you two are friends. Okay, let me get a skirt on and then I’ll be ready for breakfast.”

I picked out a dark plaid skirt that went down just past my knees. It covered my giant diaper well, but there was an unexpected side effect. The skirt raised up all around me like one of those old-timey dresses. I thought it looked kinda cute, so I rolled with it. I ate some waffles, brushed my teeth, and hopped in the car with my dad right on time to leave.

As he started the car, he said, “So, I’ll be taking you to school and picking you up every day from now on. That way, you can update me on the diapers and we can ask each other questions and stuff on the drives. That’s cool with you, right?”

“Yeah, it’s great!” I said. “I love spending time with you.”

He looked over at me and smiled, then turned out of our neighborhood.

“So, how does the diaper feel?” he asked after a moment.

“It feels great! Like a pillow!”

“And how does it feel now that you’ve used it a couple times? Do you feel wet down there?”

“No. Not at all. It just gets warm when I use it, but then it cools down to be, like, skin temperature again.”

“Good, good. It sounds like it’s working just as well as planned so far. Keep track of when it starts to feel wet and let me know. Send me a text if you’re still at school or come talk to me if it’s later tonight. I want to see how the circles look at that point. Okay?”

“Sure. I can do that.”

“Thanks. You’re such a great tester, sweetie.”

I smiled. Soon, we arrived at school and my dad parked in the parking lot instead of going into the drop-off circle. As we got out of his car, I asked, “Why didn’t Tonya come with you too?”

“Well, you know how she is. Lazy butt. Plus, she made fun of you last night, and that wasn’t okay. It reminded me of how bad I felt when I was your age and people made jokes about my diapers. I don’t want you to feel how I felt, and I don’t want Tonya making anyone feel that way. Until she gets under control, it’ll be just you and me in the mornings. She’ll ride with your mom. In the afternoons, though, I’ll pick her up when I pick you up, as usual. My guidance during the ride home should help shape her up.”

By the time he finished his explanation, we were at the outer door to the main office of the school. He opened it and let me in first. Then he came in and asked one of the secretaries to speak with Mrs. Shuler. The secretary came back to us a minute later and beckoned us to follow her. We wound past a bunch of desks and ended up at the Principal’s Office.

“Oh, Jeff, hi!” Mrs. Shuler said when she saw my dad. “And Alicia! Please, have a seat. Do either of you want a cup of coffee?”

We both said yes, even though we’d both had coffee at breakfast. We’re suckers for coffee. She swiveled in her chair and poured us two Styrofoam cups of it from the coffee station next to her desk. Then she slid the coffee toward us and asked how she could help us.

As I sipped my coffee, my dad explained my situation to Mrs. Shuler. How I’d been a life saver when I’d agreed to test his new diaper, but how it wouldn’t fit under my khakis. He apologized for the situation, but asked if she could make an exception to the dress code and allow me to wear skirts for the next month.

She quickly and happily agreed. Then she went a step further and said that if I ever needed to change my diaper during the day, I could come do it in her office. She told me about how she let my dad change in her dorm room and car all the time in college. Then she reached in her desk and pulled out a pad of green papers. She scribbled on it, tore the top sheet off, and passed it to me.

“It’s a special pass that’ll allow you out of class and to my office anytime you want,” she said. “But you’ll only use it when you need to change, I’m sure.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Now, if that’s all you needed, you two are free to go. I know you must be on your way to work, Jeff, so I don’t want to keep you, and I know you must want to go hang out with your friends before class, Alicia.”

I smiled, thanked her again, and left. My dad followed close behind and we parted ways at the front desk, saying we loved each other. He went outside and I went toward the atrium.

As I entered the hall that led to the atrium, I wondered for about the fifth time since my dad asked me to be his test subject if anyone would figure out I was wearing a diaper. Before, I hadn’t thought so, but with this skirt situation I wasn’t so sure anymore.

But, I reminded myself, it would be fine if people knew. I wasn’t a baby, despite my diaper. I could handle anything people had to say, and I could explain the situation for them if they cared enough to know.

I soon reached the atrium, a big, open area filled with a bunch of tables and chairs and a few couches. There was a pool table on one side of the room and a ping pong table on the other. At the back were a bunch of vending machines.

I looked over to my usual table, and a few of my friends were already sitting at it. I went over to it and joined them.

“Ahh! Nice skirt!” exclaimed Jodie as soon as I arrived. After I sat down, Sammy added, “Yeah, you look great in that!”

“Wait,” John chimed in, “Aren’t skirts against dress code policy?”

Jodie glared at him. “How would you know?” she asked.

“My little sister’s always complaining about it,” he replied. “She loves to wear skirts.”

“Oh,” Jodie said. She laughed. “Well, it’s true. It is against code. So, Alicia, explain.”

“Uhh,” was all I could manage. Maybe people would find out about my diaper faster than I thought.

“C’mon, guys,” Sammy broke in. “Don’t gang up on her like that. She doesn’t need to explain it to us.”

I appreciated Sammy’s gesture, but luckily, an idea found me. It wasn’t great, but it was something. “I, uh, I got a rash from . . . I don’t know what, really. But the doctor said the khakis would keep it from clearing up or maybe even make it worse, so I got a doctor’s note so I can wear skirts to school. It’s just gonna be for a . . . a week. A month, tops. Trust me, you don’t wanna be me.”

Jodie squealed. “Ohh, but I still do! That skirt just looks so amazing. Even now, when you’re just sitting there. I can’t get over it. It’s, like, extra poofy or something!”

“Haha, yeah. . . . All my skirts are like this, pretty much.”

Wow! What a clever web I’d woven without any preparation. I wanted to sigh in relief. Instead, I took a sip of my coffee.

“Oh, it all makes sense now,” Sammy said. “That coffee’s from Shuler. You must have had to give your doctor’s note to her. Her coffee is the best, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Right on both counts.” I smiled and snagged a few gulps of it. As I put the cup down, I realized I had to pee. Coffee pee feels great on its own. I wondered if it would feel better in a diaper.

“I’ll be right back,” I said. I left my bag and my coffee at the table and headed to the bathroom. There was no way I would be able to pee in front of my friends already, especially since I was the center of attention. When I got to the bathroom, I went into a stall and leaned against the door.

Hssss. I immediately began peeing forcefully into the diaper. This time was my longest yet in a diaper. It probably lasted a whole minute. It felt super warm and, oddly, super clean. That was the coffee’s doing, I knew. Coffee pee is usually clear.

As I finished emptying my bladder, I sighed in relief. I quickly decided that, yes, the diaper had made the coffee pee feel better than usual. Then I composed myself and exited the stall. I was tempted to check the wetness indicator in the mirror, but I worried someone might walk in on me while I was doing it. So, I went straight back to my friends, my genitals and butt nice and toasty like they’d been while I’d gotten ready for school earlier.

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