The Waistband Dilemma

One of the things about diapers that my mind has gone through many cycles on is the waistband dilemma: should I hide my diaper waistband or not?

Let me jump back in time just a little to show what I mean.

Approximately midway through the Fall semester last year, after revealing myself as a diaper lover to a friend and being accepted for it, I bought diapers for the first time in about six months. I jumped pretty quickly into wearing them to eat, to class, and in other public situations. But I told myself that it would be a bad idea to risk exposing the diaper to someone. If they saw even my waistband, they might become uncomfortable or have some other unpleasant emotional reaction, and I would have to endure whatever might come with being found out as a diaper wearer.

So, I made sure to hide my waistband as best I could. I kept a constant awareness of how my actions were moving my clothing, changing the way I moved to keep my waistband shrouded and pulling my shirt down whenever I even suspected my waistband might be in danger of being exposed. All of this caused me anxiety, in large part because it seemed like it might come off as suspicious.

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Are Diapers Like an Underwear-Shorts Combo?

I’d love to wear diapers as an alternative to shorts. Many of you probably would, too. But would that be a reasonable allowance to expect any friends, family, or society at large to make? In order to find out, let’s take a step back from our position as diaper enthusiasts and analyze diapers to figure out if wearing one is more like wearing an underwear-shorts combo or more like merely wearing regular underwear.

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