Why Go Diapered Without Pants/Shorts?

Being home alone while my parents have been out of town the past week, I have cemented my belief that it is best not to wear pants or shorts over your diaper.

My current situation has helped me cement this belief because I haven’t been wearing anything over my diaper most of the time. I’ve walked and lounged around my house and on my porch and even gone out in my front yard in just my diaper and a shirt (when I go to work and to the store, I still wear pants, of course). Doing this, I have noticed that my diaper feels more comfortable and seems to absorb more. Also, it is easier to check how full it is and make sure it’s not leaking.

The comfort and absorption side of things is what really makes me believe diapers are better when free. When I wear something over my diaper, I often have problems. The material of my pants or shorts often compresses the diaper, making me uncomfortable and more prone to leaks and unused padding. And, when I wear shorts, one half of my diaper always sags lower than the other and into the leg of my shorts. This is because the fabric at the split of the legs within the shorts creases the diaper. Whichever side of the crease my pee lands on at first, that’s the side where it sags and all my pee goes afterward. It’s really uncomfortable and annoying at all times. Thicker diapers seem less prone to these problems than thinner ones.

The difference in absorption when wearing a diaper without shorts or pants is noticeable, even though it’s not drastic. I think the increased absorption is a direct result of a lack of the above problems. If I’m using more of my padding and my pee is more evenly distributed when I’m not wearing anything over my diaper, of course it will absorb more.

Moving on to the convenience results of not wearing anything over my diaper. . . . When I’m only wearing my diaper and a shirt, I can see the wetness indicator anytime I look down. Better than that, since I find wetness indicators more aesthetically pleasing than helpful, I can easily feel all over my diaper at any time to see how full the diaper is and where I’m the wettest. Also, I can easily feel or look at whatever I’m sitting on or laying on to make sure I haven’t leaked. (When I wear something over my diaper, on the other hand, that something may absorb all or part of the leak and make it harder to detect.) Plus, if I’m wearing a diaper without a leak guard and I’ve pooped, I can easily see if my poop has reached the leg holes of my diaper.

All these advantages having been listed, I feel I must leave a clear note that there are limited places and times appropriate for wearing nothing over your diaper. I’m fine going around in just a diaper in my house and on my porch because no one else is home or likely to be home soon. I’m fine going around like this in my front yard because people drive by my house so fast and my front yard is so big that anyone who actually sees me when driving past will conclude I’m in regular underwear. Situations where your privacy is more limited than mine has been recently absolutely warrant wearing something over your diaper (there are sure to be exceptions, of course).

But, anytime you have enough privacy, I certainly advocate wearing nothing but a diaper and shirt. I used to be one of the people who wear something over their diaper no matter what. After all, I might have less privacy than I think and I might as well be prepared to go out in public. But now that I’ve experienced the benefits of freeing my diaper, I’m going to do it as much as I can.

As a side note, if you’re someone who wears skirts and dresses, wearing those probably gives at least some of the same benefits going completely coverless gives. I guess that means you can even get those benefits in public!

So, what do you think? Do you try to keep your diaper free as much as possible? If so or if not, why? I look forward to any comments you may have! Please leave me one and I’ll be sure to read it.


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