My First Time Buying Diapers

In this post, I’ll tell you about my first time buying adult diapers. I don’t remember it too well, but I’ll try to tell you as much as I can. Hopefully my story will be interesting to some people.

I was either about to turn 17 or I had just turned 17. I had recently gotten my driver’s license and I used it to drive to and from school each day. At some point after getting it, I realized I finally, after years of waiting, had the opportunity to buy diapers. I spent weeks building up the courage to buy them, and then I finally stopped at a Family Dollar on my way home from school one day.

I knew I had to be quick, because my parents knew how long it took me to get home. Yet, I was so nervous that I probably sat in the car for fifteen minutes before I went into the store. I went over my plans again and again in my mind. It was simple. All I had to do was calmly locate the adult diapers, grab a pack, go to the cashier, pay for the diapers, and exit the store. The main part I kept stressing over was the cashier. I had to keep assuring myself that the cashier would either not care I was buying diapers or think I was buying them for someone else. But I really didn’t know for sure how they would react.

To make myself feel better, I altered my plan while still sitting in the car. I decided I would also buy milk. The cashier would definitely think I was buying the diapers for someone else if I also bought milk.

So, finally, I entered the store (which I had never been in before). I located the refrigerator section and grabbed a gallon of milk. Then I located the adult diapers. I knew from brief glances while in other stores what products they would be near. At that point, I had almost no clue what kinds of diapers were sold in stores, so I hit a bit of a speed bump. I had to decide which diapers to get, and I was a slow decision maker.

Luckily, I found it easy to narrow down my choices. Only two diaper brands said they were for men. One was Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Men (a quick Google search names the pull-up) and the other was its Family Dollar knockoff. I didn’t know how different the quality would be between them, so I got Depend.

Then I went to the nearby open cash register to check out. I set my items on the counter. There was a woman behind it. She was young, African-American, and had short hair. She seemed to be the only employee in the store.

I don’t remember her giving me any strange expressions while ringing up the items, and she definitely didn’t say anything until she read me my total. Nevertheless, when I pulled my wallet from my pocket and attempted to take money out of it, I noticed my hands were shaking. Hard. It was so bad that it took me way too long to grab the money. It didn’t help that I knew the cashier must have seen my shaking. My shaking continued while I passed her the money, and she had trouble taking it from my hand.

She still didn’t say anything or give me any looks, though. After she gave me my receipt, I took my bags and went back to my car. I put my bags down on the floor of the passenger side of the car and just sat in the driver’s seat until I stopped shaking. Then I put the diapers in my big backpack and went home.


In my room at home, I read the package the diapers came in. I read every word on it. Then I opened it and examined one of the diapers for a while. Afterward, I took off my shoes, shorts, and underwear and slid on the diaper. I figured there was nothing to using it. It was a diaper. I could pee in it freely. It would work perfectly like in my fantasies.

But I was wrong. With my shorts back on, I sat in my living room watching TV until I had to pee. My parents must not have been home yet. I wouldn’t have worn a diaper, even with shorts on, anywhere near them for fear of being found out.

Anyway, I was sitting in the middle of our couch and I had to pee. I also had an erection, which I often got when I had to pee and which was strengthened by the fact that I was wearing a diaper. I had a little trouble getting my pee flowing, but not too much. I felt it flowing around me to the back of the diaper. I focused on the sensation. I think I even closed my eyes. It was bliss.

I didn’t have a single thought that the diaper might leak. I didn’t even notice it had leaked when I was done peeing and had my eyes open. But it had leaked a ton. I bet more than half of my pee ended up on the couch. Having not noticed, I proceeded to watch TV until I was ready to get up for whatever reason. At that point, I saw the couch and stared at it in disbelief. There was a huge puddle on it! And the entire back of my shorts was wet! I quickly went into cleaning mode and covered up all evidence of my mistake. All the while, I was super upset and disappointed with the diaper. And I worried that diapers in general weren’t all I dreamed they were. Of course, I didn’t give up on diapers. My internal compass has never stopped pointing me to a diapered lifestyle.

Did you like my story? Do you have any comments about it? I sure hope so! Please leave me some comments on this post. I look forward to reading and responding to them.

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