Deadpool 2: Pants Wetting

I recently watched the new movie Deadpool 2. Be warned: I intend to slightly spoil one scene for the purposes of this post.

So, at one point during the movie, Deadpool is at his favorite bar and he pees his pants. Everyone talking to him seems fine with it, even though they know and point out what he’s doing.

Growing up, I always wished I could experience something like that. As I got older, I realized I probably never would. But I do hope that the people around me would be fine with me wetting my diaper, even if they knew about it. If they did know, it would be similar to what happened to Deadpool, but more realistic (due to being less messy, etc.). That would be great, and maybe one day I’ll be open enough about wearing diapers that I’ll actually have such an experience. Or maybe the logistics don’t work out.

What about you? Did you fantasize about wetting and/or messing yourself and being accepted for it while growing up? Do you hope to be accepted for using your diaper even if people know you’re doing it? Please leave me a comment to share your thoughts!

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