Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

Today, I went shopping with my mom at a Sam’s Club. When we first got to the store, we got a couple hot dogs and drinks and sat down to eat in the food area. Right after we sat down, I looked over to my left and something caught my eye: an adult diaper!?

A fairly young Asian lady wearing white shorts and a yellow shirt had just come into the food area. Poking out from the top of her shorts was what looked to be the waistband of an adult pull-up, something like the Abena one I recently tried.

Over the course of my short meal, I got in a few more looks at her. After my first look, I had doubted what I saw was a diaper waistband. Maybe it was just part of the waistband of the shorts, I reasoned. But by the final time I looked at her, it seemed clear to me that what I was seeing wasn’t a part of her shorts.

Nevertheless, one detail still makes me doubt that what I saw was a diaper: the yellow shirt the lady was wearing was tucked in. That’s why  it was so easy for me to see what looked to be a diaper. But, if it was a diaper, wouldn’t she have left her shirt un-tucked or tucked it in over the diaper in order to hide it? I think so.

Despite that logical hangup, it’s still possible she was wearing a diaper (after all, it seems equally perplexing that she might have been tucking her shirt in under weird-looking regular underwear), but it seems highly unlikely to me. I wish she was, though, because then today would have been the day of my very first public diaper sighting.

How do the details add up to you; do you think the lady was wearing a diaper or not? Please let me know your thoughts in a comment! Also, please press the Like button if you enjoyed this post! 🙂

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