Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

Today, I went shopping with my mom at a Sam’s Club. When we first got to the store, we got a couple hot dogs and drinks and sat down to eat in the food area. Right after we sat down, I looked over to my left and something caught my eye: an adult diaper!?

A fairly young Asian lady wearing white shorts and a yellow shirt had just come into the food area. Poking out from the top of her shorts was what looked to be the waistband of an adult pull-up, something like the Abena one I recently tried.

Over the course of my short meal, I got in a few more looks at her. After my first look, I had doubted what I saw was a diaper waistband. Maybe it was just part of the waistband of the shorts, I reasoned. But by the final time I looked at her, it seemed clear to me that what I was seeing wasn’t a part of her shorts.

Nevertheless, one detail still makes me doubt that what I saw was a diaper: the yellow shirt the lady was wearing was tucked in. That’s why  it was so easy for me to see what looked to be a diaper. But, if it was a diaper, wouldn’t she have left her shirt un-tucked or tucked it in over the diaper in order to hide it? I think so.

Despite that logical hangup, it’s still possible she was wearing a diaper (after all, it seems equally perplexing that she might have been tucking her shirt in under weird-looking regular underwear), but it seems highly unlikely to me. I wish she was, though, because then today would have been the day of my very first public diaper sighting.

How do the details add up to you; do you think the lady was wearing a diaper or not? Please let me know your thoughts in a comment! Also, please press the Like button if you enjoyed this post! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

  1. Hi,I am catholic and at mass this past sunday morning there was a set of 15 year old twins-brother and sister who were baptized during mass.The boy was dressed in a suit and tie and his sister was dressed in the traditional white,poofy,short sleeve,above the knees,baptism dress and matching bonnet with lace socks and white mary jane shoes.When she bent over to recieve the water on her head,her dress went up in back and we could see the cloth diaper and blousy fitting plastic pants she had on under her dress! She looked like a baby with them on and was very cute! It is very common for catholic teen girls to wear the cloth diaper and plastic pants under their poofy baptism dresses!


  2. I saw three girls yesterday in their Easter dresses,and they were between 12 and 14 years old.All three girls had a cloth diaper and pastel colored plastic pants on under their dresses.I t was three separate families and all three girls looked cute and little girlish!


  3. I am a pizza delivery guy and last night i delivered two pizzas to a house where there were 5 16 year old girls having a slumber party.All 5 girls were wearing a diaper and plastic pants and a tee shirt and had pacifiers on a ribbon oround their necks and were drinking from baby bottles! I was somewhat shocked when they opened the door and i saw them.They gave me the money,and i handed them the pizzas.I then asked them why they were dressd as babies and they told me that they like to be babies at slumber parties and wear the diapers.They said its a thing girls do!


  4. Hi i am a girl,17,and last june,2019,when i was 16,i went to a wedding with a friend of mine as her aunt was getting married.We went to the bridal dressing room to talk to the aunt while she was getting dressed in her gown.Off to one side of the room were the three flowergirls,two who were 14 and twins and the other one who was 13.I watched as their moms pinned a cloth diaper on each of them,then they put plastic pants on over their diaper with ruffles across the back of them! I pointed them out to my friend and she said that her aunt got the diapers and plastic pants for them to wear under their short,poofy dresses to make them look cute and little girlish.All three girls were then put into white,sleeveless,poofy,midthigh length flowergirl dresses and veils with lace anklets and white shoes.They looked very cute and when they bent over slightly the bottom of their diaper and ruffled plastic pants could be seen!


  5. I am a catholic girl and my parish does baptisms at Easter vigil and boys have to wear a suit and ty,the girls up to 17 have to wear a poofy,white,knee length,short sleeve,baptism dress with a bonnet,tights or lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’ style shoes.A white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants is required under our dresses.The girls are considered babies for their baptisms and many girls use a pacifier and some have a baby blanket as well.I have seen girls as old as 17 being baptized and they looked very cute and babyish in their required outfits! I am 19 now and was baptized three years ago when i was 16.My dress was short sleeve and knee length and my bonnet matched my dress.I wore the lace anklets and the white shoes.My diaper was 10 flat cloth baby diapers sewn together to make one diaper out of them and was pinned on me with pink diaper pins.My plastic pants were adult size in white and fit me blousy over my diaper and crinkled under my dress! My tee shirt fit me snug and was tucked into the plastic pants.I chose to wear a pacifier on a ribbon around my neck and sucked on it during my baptism. All of the kids,7 years old and up then make their First Holy Communion the next month in May.The boys have to wear their suit and ty and us girls have to wear the communion dress and veil with white tights and our baptism shoes.Our baptism tee shirt,diaper and plastic pants has to be worn under our tights with our communion dress.Even tho my tights were the high waist kind,they kept sliding down over my diaper and plastic pants! Other teen girls had the same problem as me.I felt very pure and innocent in both of my outfits!


  6. I am a girl 17 and work part time at Target in the soft lines area.In the last two weeks i have had moms with both their tween and teen daughters come in and ask me where the cloth diapers are in the infants dept.and i take them over and show them.They have told me that their daughters are either being baptized at Easter vigil or making their First Communion the end of April and that their daughters need the cloth diapers to wear with plastic pants over them under their baptism or communion dresses! They all have bought the Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24×27 inch size that come 10 to a package and have told me that they all ready have the adult size white plastic plastic pants.After they get the package of diapers,they get the white undershirt that is worn as their top under both dresses.


  7. I am a guy 16 and my girlfriend,Mindie,is 15.She just made her First Holy Communion on May 23 in the class of 2021 with the little kids.She had on the puffy communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes.At her party that sunday afternoon,she had a pink pacifier on a ribbon around her neck and was sucking on it every so often.At first i thought she was doing it to relax herself,then later on when we were alone,i found out she had a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under her communion dress as to why she was using the pacifier!She told me that the little girls all wore the diaper and plastic pants under their dresses,so her parents had her wear them also.


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