Adult Diaper Sighting Today!?

Today, I went shopping with my mom at a Sam’s Club. When we first got to the store, we got a couple hot dogs and drinks and sat down to eat in the food area. Right after we sat down, I looked over to my left and something caught my eye: an adult diaper!?

A fairly young Asian lady wearing white shorts and a yellow shirt had just come into the food area. Poking out from the top of her shorts was what looked to be the waistband of an adult pull-up, something like the Abena one I recently tried.

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Diaper Journal: 7/1/18

This is the second post in my new Diaper Journal series. Please let me know in the comments section if you do or don’t like this type of content so I know if I should keep this series going!

I’m gonna be honest. Today is quite a blur in my my mind as I look back on it. Nevertheless, I’ll try to be as accurate as I can in today’s Journal.

Last night, I didn’t pee much before bed, so I ended up sleeping in the diaper I put on after posting yesterday’s Journal.

This morning, I woke up having to pee, as is usual for me. Since I had my diaper on, I sat on the edge of my bed and let it flow. With most diapers, I would probably lift my butt up while peeing in fear of leaks, but I was wearing a Prevail Air, a diaper I’ve grown very confident in.

I then took my dogs out and ate cereal. As I was eating cereal, I felt the urge to poop, so I pushed it out in my diaper. After I finished eating, I changed my diaper. Somehow I ended up in just the new diaper and a pair of athletic shorts, which let the top of my diaper show. I ventured into my laundry room and folded clothes in this attire, confident that the rest of my family was still asleep. They were.

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Are Diapers Like an Underwear-Shorts Combo?

I’d love to wear diapers as an alternative to shorts. Many of you probably would, too. But would that be a reasonable allowance to expect any friends, family, or society at large to make? In order to find out, let’s take a step back from our position as diaper enthusiasts and analyze diapers to figure out if wearing one is more like wearing an underwear-shorts combo or more like merely wearing regular underwear.

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