Review: YERO Sling Bag

You may remember from this previous post that I was eyeing a sling bag (small one-strap backpack) on Amazon that I hoped could work as a diaper bag. I normally use a drawstring bag as a diaper bag if I need or want one separate from my backpack. It’s a good system, but I thought a sling bag might have some advantages over a drawstring bag. For example, I thought a sling bag might be more discreet, more equipped to hold other items I don’t like to keep in my pockets, and easier to hang on a hook in a bathroom stall.

As I anticipated, I did eventually buy the bag I was eyeing. It comes from the brand YERO and is part of the product series Local Lion. You can find it on Amazon if you search “YERO sling bag.” I got the brown version.


In a nutshell, here are my thoughts: It’s a nice bag, but not a good adult diaper bag. Please allow me to elaborate. . . .

One of the reasons I chose this one out of the many sling bags I looked through was because I liked its style. I thought it would look cool on me. I didn’t think that about any of the other bags I looked at before buying it, and I haven’t thought it about any I’ve looked at since.

And I was right. It does look good on me. Plus, it matches my typical clothing style quite well, so it blends in and stands out the perfect amount.

The inside of the bag is a pleasant bright blue color. Also, there are compartments inside that fit my needs/desires quite well. There’s a compartment perfect for a pack of wipes, a slot that could be good for powder and/or cream, a place that would be great for my phone, and a pocket where I could carry my earbuds.

The only thing that’s missing: a good place for diapers. The central compartment, the one surrounded by all those other compartments I listed above, isn’t long or wide enough to fit diapers. I mean, I say that, but maybe I’m being a little picky, so let me explain.

After I first got the bag, I spent maybe an hour seeing how well my diapers fit in it. I didn’t have anything else in the bag at the time. In order to fit a MoliCare in, I had to curve it slightly, due to the length of the main compartment of the bag. And when I put a Prevail in, it was such a tight squeeze that the edges of the diaper got crushed. The curving I wasn’t a fan of, but the crushing I definitely couldn’t accept: I didn’t want it to cause clumping and/or make my diaper more likely to leak. In addition, the width of the main compartment was so minimal that I couldn’t fit more than two of either diaper in it, and the second was a tight squeeze.

I had expected a tight fit, since the external dimensions of the bag that were listed online only slightly outstretched the dimensions of the diapers I had on hand to measure, but I must admit I hadn’t expected that tight of a fit.

Due to my issues with fitting diapers in the bag, I doubt I will use it as a diaper bag; I will probably stick with a drawstring bag. However, I don’t plan on returning it. The time and money I’d spend doing that would likely cancel out the money I spent on the bag—a mere $16. Plus, maybe I will find some other use for it or use it as a diaper bag in select situations.

There are bigger sling bags on Amazon that I could try out as replacements for my drawstring bags, but most of them aren’t big enough that I’m confident diapers would fit better in them than in the YERO. Plus, none of them look as good as the YERO did. Maybe I’ll eventually get one of them anyway, but for right now I’m soured on the idea.

What do you use to carry your diapers when you need/want to bring some with you? Would you recommend it to others? Please leave your thoughts on my post and these or other topics in a comment, and please press the Like button if you enjoyed my review. Thanks for reading!

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