A Close Call While Changing in a Stall

At one point toward the end of last semester, I had a close call with being found out by my roommate when he walked into a public bathroom while I was changing my diaper in a stall. Read on for the details. . . .

While I sometimes changed my diaper in the bathroom I shared with my roommate when he was home, I don’t think he ever realized what I was doing in there. At least, he gave no indication he did. And he was always pretty absorbed in his own world (I’d say more than most people) so it makes sense he would never figure me out.

But public bathrooms are a different beast. It’s way less private in there. Stall walls don’t reach the floor, and there’s often a substantial gap between stall doors and stall walls that’s easy to see through, even when you’re not trying to. Plus, sound travels well and echoes.

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Review: YERO Sling Bag

You may remember from this previous post that I was eyeing a sling bag (small one-strap backpack) on Amazon that I hoped could work as a diaper bag. I normally use a drawstring bag as a diaper bag if I need or want one separate from my backpack. It’s a good system, but I thought a sling bag might have some advantages over a drawstring bag. For example, I thought a sling bag might be more discreet, more equipped to hold other items I don’t like to keep in my pockets, and easier to hang on a hook in a bathroom stall.

As I anticipated, I did eventually buy the bag I was eyeing. It comes from the brand YERO and is part of the product series Local Lion. You can find it on Amazon if you search “YERO sling bag.” I got the brown version.


In a nutshell, here are my thoughts: It’s a nice bag, but not a good adult diaper bag. Please allow me to elaborate. . . .

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An Upcoming Opportunity to Order Diapers

A few days ago, I found out that I’m going to have another opportunity to order diapers online soon. I immediately knew I wanted to get another pack or two of Prevail Airs, but I also wondered if I should go ahead and try one of the more premium diapers I haven’t tried yet. (I had been planning to wait until the fall semester starts to try any.)

During a slow time at work yesterday, I saw someone wearing a small, one-strap backpack that got me wondering if I could find one like it that would fit diapers. If I could, I could use it instead of a drawstring bag to carry my diapers around at school. I saw some advantages to this, so I looked on Amazon to try to find one.

I found one that looks like it will fit most diapers and looks really nice, so I’m probably going to buy it soon. After I found it, I decided to look at the premium diapers Amazon has, in preparation for my upcoming order. Before looking, I was inclined toward ConfiDry 24/7s. They seem super premium and I’ve been wanting to try them for a while.

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A Diaper Bag Discussion

For about the first six months after I first tried adult diapers, I almost exclusively used them at home. As a result, I never needed anything to carry spare diapers in when out of the house.

Then I became more bold and started wearing diapers to class. Part of what allowed me to do this was my realization that I could discreetly carry diapers in my backpack.

When I moved onto a college campus last year, that shifted my diaper carrying tactics a bit. Here’s what I did: I kept my backpack stocked with 2-4 diapers and I kept a drawstring bag (provided by the school during a welcome event) in my dresser stocked with the same amount. I also kept a small bag of wipes in each bag.

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