I’m Running Low on Diapers

As I mentioned in my most recent Journal post, my diaper supply is running low. I face a challenge: What am I gonna do about it?

I could buy more online, but that was easier when my parents were out of town. The simple fact that they’re in town and not leaving makes me nervous to buy that way. That said, I think I could pull it off if I wanted to. If I did do it, I think I would buy two packs of Prevails. Two packs would last me through the rest of the summer and possibly leave me with some to take to school. If it did, I wouldn’t have to order some right after arriving, which would be nice.

Another option I have is to buy more in-store. I would most likely get GoodNites if I went with this option. However, I’m reluctant to do it. I could run into someone I know at the store and I would have to transport the diapers to my room in a fairly-transparent bag. Then all I would get for my trouble is 11 diapers. That would be a lot of risk for very little. (I could buy two packs or go back later for another, yes, but I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that.)

A third option I have is to wait. To go about diapered life as usual until I run out and then wait to buy more until I’m settled in at school. By my estimate, that would leave me without diapers for about two and a half weeks. That seems like a long time, but not too long a time. I know I would miss diapers immensely, but I’d also know they’re right around the corner. Plus, if I take a break from diapers, maybe it’ll be like a reset button; maybe I’ll have a refreshed interest in them thanks to the wait. I took a day or two off of diapers earlier this summer when I wasn’t feeling very interested by them anymore, and it helped with the problem enough that I’ve maintained interest since.

A fourth option I have is to ration my remaining diapers so that I don’t have to buy more or go a long stretch without wearing. This would be hard to bring myself to do, but I guess that’s how I feel about all the options in a way.

I’m leaning toward the second option. Having only 11 diapers to use on top of the ones I still have now would force me to ration diapers once I was down to the GoodNites, but that wouldn’t be a problem because GoodNites are pull-ups (meaning they’re hard to change into and out of and easy to pull down for toilet use) and I don’t like them as much as the briefs I have now (so I wouldn’t be as tempted to use them as I am with the briefs).

I’ll continue to go over my options and I’ll post an update in a comment here or in a new post once I’m more certain about what I’m gonna do.

If you have any suggestions on what I should do about my diaper shortage or any related comments or questions, please write them in a comment! And please press the Like button to support my blog!

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