A Diaper Conversation At Dinner

A week or two ago, my family briefly talked about adult diapers at dinner. I found this very strange and interesting. I meant to write up the conversation in a post the day it happened, but it slipped my mind. Then I kept forgetting to do it until now, when instead of a super-accurate transcript of the conversation, all I can provide is a good approximation of what was said. Oh, well. Here it goes:

I think my entire family, myself included, looked up from our plates to the TV when an adult diaper commercial started toward the end of dinner. I don’t know what caused us all to look. Maybe the commercial was louder than the others. Anyway, as is a pretty usual thing for me, as soon as I realized what the commercial was for, I removed my eyes to seem disinterested.

I think a laugh from my sister was what prompted my mom to say something about the commercial, but maybe my sister didn’t laugh and she just decided to say something. What my mom said surprised me. It was something along the lines of, “I wanna get some of those.”

She said it in a joking way, so I didn’t jump out of my seat or anything. I kept my facade of disinterest going. But I did think to myself something along the lines of, No, you don’t want those. That’s because the commercial was for Always Discreet pull-ups. I’m not sure if they were one and the same, but in an earlier post I named the Always Discreet pull-ups I tried as the worst diapers I’d ever used (click here for the post).

Anyway, after my mom expressed joking interest in diapers, my sister replied something like, “You wanna wear diapers?” She said it with disgust.

“Yeah,” my mom confirmed, then added something like, “I’m tired of using the bathroom.”

I felt targeted with the way my mom said it (it seemed a little harsh), but I don’t think any of my family members know I wear diapers.

My sister replied with something like, “You’d have to sit in your own pee!” Again, she sounded disgusted.

My mom then said something like, “No. It has technology that locks the moisture away from your skin.”

I was surprised at how supportive of diapers my mom seemed in that moment. And I must say she seemed very supportive during most of the conversation, despite the one comment that seemed to call me lazy (really, I probably misinterpreted her tone when she said it).

I was also surprised because I didn’t realize my mom knew so much about diapers. Her amount of knowledge seemed so odd that I laughed a bit. That was my only contribution to the conversation, and I think I ended it.

Note: My mom’s impressively-informed comment wasn’t perfect, as I soon realized once my surprise wore off. Some diapers are better at moisture control than others, and moisture isn’t necessarily equivalent to pee.

Note: I realized shortly after laughing that my mom’s knowledge of diapers easily could have come from her experience as a mother.

Anyway, what do you think of that conversation? Please write your thoughts in a comment below, and please hit the Like button to support my blog!

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