Diaper Journal: 8/4/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

Today was a pretty boring day, but I’ll write about it anyway since most of my days have been boring recently.

I woke up a little after 9 AM. Then I sat up on the edge of my bed and peed a large amount. I felt my pee wetting my NorthShore all over the front and flowing down to my butt and wetting quite a bit of the back.

Then I walked over to the mirror on my closet door and took a look at it; I wasn’t wearing anything over it, as usual. I saw that whereas it had barely been wet when I’d gone to bed, it was now wet everywhere except at the top corners in the back.

I felt this wetness on my skin after I took my dogs out, as I lay in bed eating breakfast and watching TV and such. At one point, I got up to examine the diaper in the mirror again and I peed a small amount. I felt it settle in my crotch area.

Soon, I changed into a Prevail because my family was awake and moving around and I didn’t want to end up having to wear the NorthShore around them.

In the early afternoon, I worked on a post for this site, then published it and went to give my dogs baths. I kept my diaper on for this, but I put a pair of underwear on over it to help keep it from getting wet.

It was a bad idea, really, because not even my shorts got very wet during the baths and I later got a bad leak that was probably at least partially thanks to the compression of the underwear.

Luckily, my parents had left home just before the leak happened. I was able to clean up without worry. And since I anticipated my parents would be out late and it was already around 7 PM, I changed into a NorthShore instead of another Prevail.

Unfortunately, I had a little trouble with the bottom right tape on the NorthShore. It wasn’t very sticky and slid out of position multiple times while I was just sitting in a chair on my porch.

Probably because of the tape issue, I had a pretty bad leak during what I think was only my second wetting in it. Subsequently, I changed pants and removed the bottom component of the tape so that the component meant for refastening is now fastening (it’s not a big deal, but I didn’t like doing it because it’s going to make taking the diaper off more difficult).

I guess my quick fix worked, because I haven’t had any trouble since. The tape hasn’t slid out of place, and I’ve peed once or twice without leaks. Hopefully this diaper lasts me well into the morning; my supply is low.

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