I Have So Many Diapers!

One of the last posts I wrote before my long blogging hiatus was about how I was running low on diapers. Well, I’m happy to report that I currently have a ton of diapers! This has nothing to do with my 2018 shortage, of course, but I figured my diaper inventory would be a good topic to update you all about.

I’m sure some readers have picked up hints that I have lots of diapers, since I have written about and posted pictures of some of the different kinds of diapers I have. Even if you gathered that I had a decent variety, though, you probably didn’t guess how many I have. I have exactly 239 diapers! Here is the breakdown:

I have . . .

  • 56 Tena Slip Active Fit Maxis
  • 27 NorthShore MEGAMAXes
  • 155 Prevail Air Overnights
  • 1 InControl Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper

In case you didn’t notice, all of these diapers are kinds that I’ve never reviewed on this blog. That’s because I never got my hands on them until recently.

Well, the one slight exception to that statement is the Prevail Air Overnights. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while or gone digging through my old posts might remember that the original Prevail Airs were my favorite diaper as of the last time I made a public declaration of my favorite. Well, considering that the Air Overnights compose the majority of my diaper inventory, it’s probably no surprise to learn that the Overnights became my favorite diaper shortly after I first got some last summer.

Why? Well, simply because they’re like the original Airs but slightly better. They have better absorbency, better leak protection, etc. I’ll be going into the differences more in a future post. One thing I’m not so sure about regarding these diapers is the fact that they’ve started being made with one big sticky tab on each side, whereas they used to be made with two on each side. I have to assume this change has happened to the original Airs too. This, again, is a topic I’ll go into more at a later date.

Outside of the fact that it’s my favorite, the main reason I have so many of the Prevail Air Overnights is because I signed up for repeat delivery on them and I get a whole case (96 diapers) each time. I signed up to get them delivered on a reasonable schedule (every 7 weeks, since I calculated I should run out every 8 weeks), but then I decided to splurge on some new diapers to try them out.

The ones I decided to splurge on are the rest of the ones in my current collection. This actually happened quite recently. My NorthShore shipment (with 40 MEGAMAXes) got delivered on January 28th and my InControl shipment (with 72 Tenas and the cloth diaper) got delivered on January 29th. And, to be fair, my most recent shipment of Prevail Airs was delivered just a couple of days ago.

Why have I made a habit out of buying in bulk? Well, because it’s cheaper and often comes with free shipping! In the case of the Prevails, there’s not free shipping but I get a shipping discount with repeat delivery.

Anyway, enough about me. What kinds of diapers do you have right now and how many of each kind? Let me know with a comment. If you have more diapers than I do, please share the story of how you built up your collection! Also, do kindly press the like button if you enjoyed this update.

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