Dogs’ Reaction to Diapers

So, something I wondered all the time before I got my first diapers was how dogs would react to diapers. They have a great sense of smell, and they like to pee when they smell pee. My family and I had three dogs at the time, so naturally I was worried. I couldn’t have my diaper love causing my animal loves to act up.

When I first got diapers, I stayed away from my dogs if I was wearing and wet. At that time, I also avoided my mom’s excellent sense of smell, so I spent most of my diapered time in my room, with the dogs and my mom safely on the other side of my door.

I’m naturally curious, though, so I got curious about the dogs. Maybe I could trust them more than I thought. It couldn’t hurt too much to try wearing a wet diaper around them to test out my fearful predictions, right? Plus, I was getting tired of isolating myself whenever I had a diaper on. I didn’t only isolate myself, actually. I also took my diaper off anytime I left my room, even though I almost always wore pants/shorts over it.

Here’s where my memory’s a bit fuzzy, but I know something that happened next: I started wearing a diaper to my summer classes at the local college. It had taken me a while to get up the courage to do that, but my desire to wear diapers more than just in my room helped. On top of that, I realized my parents couldn’t detect my diaper when I was at school.

Either most of the time or all of the time, I wore DG Kids Overnight Pants to classes. They were super small and quiet, so none of my classmates or my professors were likely to notice. Also, I was afraid to buy diapers and I’m very cheap, so I tried to make each pack of diapers last as long as possible. That meant making each individual diaper last as long as possible, AKA not changing until I leaked.

Well, one day, I was in the parking lot getting ready to get into my car, and I had to pee, so I let it go into my diaper. But it was already super full, and I peed a ton. (I was always drinking from the water fountains around campus so I’d have to pee a lot.) Of course, my diaper leaked–and it leaked bad. One leg of the back of my gray shorts got fairly wet and pee poured down my leg. It drenched one sock and shoe, and a puddle grew around my foot.

Unable or unwilling, for whatever reasons, to stay and try to get dry, I got in my car and went home, upset at myself for taking things too far. My parents could be home, and then what would I do? I did some planning, I’m sure.

Luckily, no one was home when I arrived. Except my dogs. As soon as I opened the door to the house, the dogs came to greet me. The large male dog was first in line, and before I could avoid them like I normally did when wet (even when not in a leak situation), Doggy #1 sniffed my leg. He gave it a bunch more sniffs. He took his nose up and down it as he did so. I moved my leg back, but he followed it. I think I tried more to get him to stop smelling me; I at least remember being super nervous that he was smelling me–it basically told me my fears were confirmed. Having moved down my leg at one point, my sock and shoe caught his attention. He smelled those even more than he smelled my leg. Just as he started smelling my shorts, I managed to squeeze into my house without him.

Now that I’m telling the story, I remember another reason I was worried about the dogs smelling a wet diaper. I thought peeing on myself might set a bad example and make them start peeing themselves or at least on stuff they weren’t supposed to. I felt like humans were role models for dogs to some extent.

But, more than that, we’re their masters. I know that word may have a negative connotation for some people, but good masters get their dogs to listen to them by being so likeable that the dogs want to please them.

Even though I got that weird sniffy reaction from Doggy #1, he still continued to follow rules and only pee outside. Probably because of what I said in the previous paragraph, and possibly also for some other reasons.

On top of that, I’ve never gotten such a reaction from him ever again. Even when I’ve been wearing just a diaper, or even on one or two rare occasions when I’ve full-on peed my pants before interacting with him, he’s never smelled me like that again. He hasn’t even given me one curious sniff.

I have even more good news! None of the other dogs smelled me like he did that day I described above, nor have they seemed to notice when I’ve worn a wet diaper or pants around them anytime since. If they ever have noticed, they haven’t reacted the slightest bit.

Based on the approximately 8 total dogs that I’ve worn my diaper around (counting some that aren’t my family’s), I have concluded that dogs don’t react to diapers. So, if you’re a diaper wearer who wants a dog or you’re a new diaper fan who already has dogs, you can stop worrying about how they will react to you wearing diapers. Of course, it’s possible your dog will be the exception to the rule I seem to have discovered, or maybe the cases I’ve experienced have been the exception. But I hope I’ve given you some confidence despite those possibilities. I certainly have confidence based on my experiences.

So, what does everyone think? Have you worn a diaper around a dog or dogs? If so, did they react at all? You can share dog reaction horror stories if you have any. Whatever you want to share, I’d love to read it; please leave me a comment!

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