Fiction: Alicia, Part 3

This is the third part of Alicia’s story. You can start at the beginning here.

More of my friends arrived in the atrium over the next half hour, and nearly all of them commented on how great my skirt looked. Jodie volunteered the explanation anytime anyone asked how I was allowed to wear it.

First period was uneventful, which is normal because lots of people are still half asleep at that point. In second period, some of the girls in the class told me how much they liked my skirt. One said I was brave to break the dress code so obviously, so I guess the whole group probably thought I was simply living on the edge.

At the end of third period, my teacher called me over to his desk. “You do know that’s against the rules, right?” he asked, pointing at my skirt.

“Yeah,” I said. “But I got an exception from Mrs. Shuler. I figured she would send all my teachers an e-mail about it or something.”

“Oh. I haven’t checked my e-mail since really early this morning. Let me give it a look. . . .”

After a few minutes on his computer, he looked back up at me with a smile and said, “Yes, I see the e-mail. Sorry.” He looked back down. “It also says you have a pass to go see her anytime you want. Don’t be afraid to use it to get out of my class if you need to.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

Next up was lunch, so I headed to the cafeteria. There, I got in line and bought a tray of food, then headed for the atrium. Lots of people eat in the cafeteria, but a good number go out to the atrium to eat instead. My friends and I always sit at the same table for lunch that we sit at in the mornings.

When I sat down, I got some approving looks and some greetings, but I didn’t become the center of attention again. Jodie was in the middle of a story, as usual. That was good, because I had to pee, and I wanted to try it around other people. It would be fun peeing without anybody realizing it, I thought. Plus, I needed to get used to peeing in less private situations. There would be less of a point to wearing a diaper if I always went off somewhere private to use it.

After I finished my food, I moved my eyes to my empty tray and concentrated, trying to bring myself to let go. After about a minute, I felt pee start trickling into my diaper. I kept my eyes off my friends as I enlarged my stream and quickened my flow up to normal levels. I didn’t have to pee too much, so I soon went back to trickling and then gave a few little squirts to finish things up.

Then I looked up, hoping no one had noticed my slightly odd behavior. It didn’t seem as if anyone had. I joined the conversation a couple minutes later. Sitting in my warm diaper and talking to people before class that morning had been fun, but peeing in front of them and having the warmth as a reminder of it was even more fun.

When lunch was almost over, I felt the growing need to poop. I had almost forgotten I would have to use the diaper for pooping.

I thought back to the conversation I’d had with my dad about it. He’d said I’d need to pee and poop in the diapers to give them a thorough testing. That made sense, but I was worried someone would smell it if I pooped in the diaper. He explained that his super diaper was engineered with the greatest odor concealing technology ever put into a diaper. Whether I farted or pooped in it, no one would be able to smell a thing.

Trusting my dad, I decided I wouldn’t try to hold it until after school or chicken out and use the toilet. But I knew there was no way I was ready to poop in front of people yet. I would probably be too nervous to let go or be too obvious about what I was doing.

I needed someplace private, so I went back to the bathroom. I returned my food tray on the way and brought my backpack with me in case the bell rang before I was done.

When I got to the bathroom, I went into the largest stall and locked the door. I slowly dropped into a low squat, holding my skirt up so it wouldn’t touch the floor. I looked over to the neighboring stall, hoping no one was inside. If someone was, they might see me squatting and even catch a glimpse of the bottom of my diaper.

Luckily, the neighboring stall was vacant. I began to push a little. Quite easily, a turd started to slide out of me. But then it stopped. As it had slid past my butt cheeks, it had rammed into my diaper. I pushed harder. The turd came out a little farther, but then it seemed really stuck. I stopped pushing and the turd amazingly slid back up into my butthole.

I tried it again, this time pushing super hard the whole time. It stopped at the same point. I grunted and let it slide back up into me again. It actually felt really good when it slid back into me, but I was also uncomfortable because I had at least a few turds wanting out.

Panicking a little, I tried to think of how to solve the problem. I could take the diaper off and use the toilet. But that would be a little disappointing. I wouldn’t get to walk around all poopy and go unnoticed until at least the next day. And I might disappoint my dad. Plus, I really didn’t have time to figure out how to get the diaper off and back on without dirtying it by putting it on the floor.

The bell rang. Hoping my dad was still on his lunch break, I pulled out my phone and called him. He answered, which meant he was still at lunch.

“Hey, Alicia. Is something wrong?”

“Um . . . Dad,” I whispered. “I really have to poop, and the diaper’s blocking me from going.”

“Are you sure it’s the diaper? Maybe you just don’t have to go as much as you think you do.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I really, really have to go.” And I did. Starting to go had made things much more urgent than they would have been if I’d tried to hold it.

“Okay. I think maybe the padding on the back of the diaper is too thick. There isn’t really anything I can do for you right now. I don’t have any tips or anything. All I could say is to take it off and use the toilet if you need to. But if you think you can wait, maybe I can help you once I get there to pick you up.”

I thought about it. The late bell was about to ring, and I really didn’t want to be late to class. Plus, maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to hold it, and maybe he could work some magic later. I decided to give it a shot. “Okay, dad. I’m gonna try to hold it.”

“Okay, but remember, it’s your comfort and good grades above this test, so don’t be afraid to throw the diaper out and use the toilet if you need to. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Bye.”

I got up and let my skirt fall back down to completely cover my diaper. Then I left the stall and half-jogged to my next class. It turned out to be kinda hard to move fast with the thick padding between my legs.

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