How I Satisfy My Craving

In a previous post, I talked about how I had been wearing just a diaper and shirt at home while my family was out of town. I stopped doing it once my family got back, but I still craved it.

My craving eventually led me to realize that I can satisfy it even while my parents are home.

First, I realized I can still wear just a diaper and shirt to sleep in at night. My parents almost never come in my room, especially while I’m sleeping, and I use a blanket at night that is sure to be covering my diaper if they ever do come in while I’m sleeping. Having realized this, I started to set my diaper free at night.

After setting my diaper free at night, I realized I can set it free during the day too. Since my parents almost never come in my room even when I’m awake, I realized it would be a safe practice to wear loose pants or shorts around the house and take them off whenever I’m in my room, such as when I’m watching TV or blogging. I started doing this and it’s been great.

I still always wear something over my diaper whenever I leave my room, no matter the circumstances, and that’s probably where the line will remain drawn in my mind as long as my family is in town.

What do you think of how I satisfy my craving to let my diaper loose? Is it too risky for you? Do you already have similar practices? Please let me know in a comment, and please be sure to like this post if you enjoyed it.

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