Diaper Journal: 7/11/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

I ended up not changing out of my Prevail before bed last night, for no reason in particular. This morning, when I woke up, I sat on the edge of my bed and flooded it. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t leak at all.

I kept it on as I started my morning routine, then squatted to poop about fifteen minutes later. I changed into a new Prevail after that. I’d had the old one on for just under 24 hours before I changed it!

Side note: I now only have 1 wipe left! I really need to get to the store to buy another pack soon.

I recall washing my hands at one point before I left for work. As I did that, I peed a medium amount in my fresh diaper.

On my way to work, I rehearsed, in my mind, the things I would want to say if my parents found out I wear diapers. I may type these things up in a separate post sometime.

Soon after I arrived at work, I had to reach for something high and my shirt unexpectedly rose above my diaper so that the entire waistband of it was showing. My boss was right next to me, so she easily could have seen it, but I don’t think she did because she was talking to someone else.

I didn’t bring as much to drink to work today as I should have, so I didn’t pee again until around 4 PM. It was a medium amount. Then, toward the end of my workday, I peed a small amount.

Soon after I arrived home, around 10 PM, and got something to drink, I peed a medium amount. For some reason, the smell of my pee was quite strong after that.

After eating dinner, I went to take a shower. After I stripped down to just my diaper in the bathroom, I squatted down with the slight suspicion that I might have to poop. Indeed, I did, and after I pooped I rolled up my diaper and hopped in the shower.

Afterward, I disposed of my diaper and soon came to write this post. I plan on putting a MoliCare on for bed.


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