Light a Match!

If you poop in your diapers, you’re probably aware that the smell from the poop is usually quite strong and spreads quite fast. Personally, I usually like the smell, but no matter your standpoint on the smell, it’s an easy way for others to find out what you’ve done, and you probably don’t want that. I know I try to avoid it—although less so now than I used to.

The main tactic I’ve used to combat the smell throughout most of my time wearing diapers has been air fresheners. I’ve used quite a few different air fresheners over my few years, yet never been completely satisfied with any. They only cover up the smell, as far as I can tell, and it takes a good amount to do even that. Such a high amount tends to give me a headache. And when the smell of the air freshener fades, at least a faint smell of poop usually still remains.

I have tried additional smell-removal tactics over the years, such as opening a window or turning on a bathroom exhaust fan, but none of them have fully removed the smell either. That is, except for lighting a match.

I heard people mention lighting a match for smell removal plenty of times throughout my life while watching TV and movies, but I never really took those mentions as much of an indication of fact. Even when I read an apparently true story online in which a woman at one point lit a match to cover up the smell from messing her diaper, I didn’t think much of it. I thought maybe lighting a match would be like a little puff of air freshener that would temporarily cover up a smell, but that’s it.

Even with my little faith in the method, I did eventually try it, though. It wasn’t that long ago, actually; it was maybe a few weeks ago. And when I tried it, I was super impressed. Not long after lighting the match, I could no longer smell any poop. Even hours later, the smell remained gone—or, at least, undetectable to my nose. I tried the method again and again, and each time I got the same impressive result. I guess the smoke the match releases somehow permanently removes the smell of poop. (Although, I must note that I do remove my diaper from my room around the time I light the match. I bet that if I were to leave the diaper in my room, the smell from it would eventually return.)


Thanks to my positive experience, I would highly recommend a pack of matches to anyone who poops in their diaper and wants to keep the evidence to a minimum. Of course, lighting a match is a tactic you can only really use at home (you can’t go around lighting matches in restaurants and classrooms), but so are all the other tactics I’ve mentioned. If you poop your diaper in public, all you can really do for yourself is change out of it quickly.

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