A Quick Update on My Diaper Shortage

I wrote a post on Sunday about how I was running low on diapers and trying to decide what to do about it. Out of four options, I was leaning toward the second, which was to buy a pack of GoodNites and ration them once I ran out of my Prevail and NorthShore briefs. But “leaning” isn’t much of a commitment, so at the end of the post I promised an update on my decision once I was more sure.

One thing I’ve done (though it hasn’t been completely intentional) that has helped me decide is I haven’t worn a diaper since Sunday, even though I have briefs available.

That has allowed me to eliminate my third option from consideration. That option was to continue business as usual (diapered 24/7) until I ran out of briefs and then go cold turkey. It was an option because I wasn’t sure I could handle option four, rationing my remaining briefs (and not buying more). Now that I know I could handle option four, it has become more of a possibility.

Another option I was able to eliminate was option one, buying two packs of Prevails online. That elimination also originated somewhat from my recent lack of diaper use. I’ve done fine with it so far, so I could probably do fine with it the first few days to couple weeks of school—especially if I wore some diapers right before going to school. My idea that I might need diapers in some way(s) was a big part of what made me think I might risk buying online.

Risk is another reason I eliminated option one. Thinking about my options more, I just don’t think there will be a safe time to get diapers shipped to me at home with my parents here. The risk now seems greater than I initially estimated, especially because what I thought/think was my best window of opportunity for delivery has already passed.

So, I’m down to options two and four. I think only time will tell for sure which one I go for, but I’m aiming for option two. While I’m now okay with rationing my diapers, I don’t see why I should ration more than I need to. If I have the opportunity to buy a pack of GoodNites, why not do it? I’d still have to ration my diapers and wear way less often than I’m used to, probably boosting my diaper interest, but it would be much easier.

On the other hand, I could end up being unable to find or too nervous to seize an opportunity to do so. Or, as has already happened today and yesterday, I could predict my family’s schedule wrong and miss my opportunities to buy. We’ll all have to wait and see. I’ll post an update if I do end up getting GoodNites. Stay tuned!

All the diapers I have left, in the box I often keep them in, next to a sheet I sometimes cover them with

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