A Close Call While Changing in a Stall

At one point toward the end of last semester, I had a close call with being found out by my roommate when he walked into a public bathroom while I was changing my diaper in a stall. Read on for the details. . . .

While I sometimes changed my diaper in the bathroom I shared with my roommate when he was home, I don’t think he ever realized what I was doing in there. At least, he gave no indication he did. And he was always pretty absorbed in his own world (I’d say more than most people) so it makes sense he would never figure me out.

But public bathrooms are a different beast. It’s way less private in there. Stall walls don’t reach the floor, and there’s often a substantial gap between stall doors and stall walls that’s easy to see through, even when you’re not trying to. Plus, sound travels well and echoes.

When I was first starting to wear diapers on campus, at the end of the fall 2017 semester, I tried to change in my dorm as little as possible to avoid my roommate finding me out (though I later learned that wasn’t likely). But I always hated changing in stalls. The lack of privacy made me so nervous.

Then, at some point last semester (toward the beginning, I believe), I transitioned to changing my diaper almost exclusively in my dorm. My roommate and I were both on a pretty regular schedule that allowed me diaper changes when he wasn’t home and I was, but still at perfect times.

It wasn’t a perfect system, though. Sometimes various factors added up against me and I ended up having to (or deciding to) change in a public bathroom, sometimes even in a stall.

One such time, I ended up having to change in the bathroom of the campus cafeteria. I’d walked to the cafeteria with my best friend, where we were meeting a bunch of other people/friends for dinner. We did it all the time. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was the fact that, for some reason, I needed a diaper change. And if I remember correctly, the need was desperate. I wouldn’t have been able to sit down in my diaper without a leak.

I knew I needed to change and I planned to change, but I didn’t do it right away. I was with my friend, so maybe I was having a conversation with her and waiting for a good stopping point.

Whatever caused the delay, I soon left my friend and walked across the cafeteria to the bathrooms to change. On the way, I took a look at the table everyone always sat at. No one seemed unaccounted for, including my roommate, so I didn’t think I had to worry about any of them being in the bathroom when I went in. On top of that, I’m pretty sure it even went through my mind that none of them could possibly need the bathroom while I was changing, that the odds were too low.

I soon found myself in the bathroom. No one else was there at all, so I felt super lucky. I went into the large stall, hung my diaper bag on a hook on the door, and stood at the back of the stall, near the stall wall. Then I pulled my pants down and took off my diaper. It was just after I’d finished taking it off that I heard the door to the bathroom close.

I looked up and, to my shock, my roommate was in the bathroom. (We’re both tall, so both our heads protrude above the stall walls.)

I saw with great relief that he was heading for the urinals, not for the stall next to me, then ducked my head down to wait him out.

All kinds of fears raced through my  mind. I feared he’d seen me, seen that I was standing and the strange place I was standing. I feared he’d heard me, heard me unfastening the diaper and/or pulling it out from between my legs. But even though I feared the worst, I knew I still had some control over how the situation panned out, especially if my fears were wrong.

So, I tried my best to stay unseen and unheard after I noticed him. I kept my head ducked, except when checking to see if he was gone yet, something I couldn’t resist doing. And, even though I wanted to roll up my diaper and throw it away, I held it still in front of me. I knew the noise and motion that would entail could cause my roommate to realize or wonder what was going on and check it out. There wasn’t enough privacy for that to end well.

Soon, I heard my roommate washing his hands and drying them. I waited a moment and then looked up, expecting him to be on his way out the door. But he was still standing in front of the mirror, adjusting his hair. I quickly moved my head back down and hoped he hadn’t caught sight of me in the mirror. As I hoped, I waited to hear the bathroom door shut, having vowed not to raise my head again until he was definitely gone.

Apparently he hadn’t seen me in the mirror (either that or he’d already seen me earlier and it wasn’t a surprise), because he left shortly.

After he was gone, I rolled up my diaper and threw it away. I can’t remember if I put a new one on afterward or the close encounter with my roommate scared me out of it, but I think I put a new one on.

After I was done in the bathroom, I went to get some food and joined everyone I’d come to sit with. My roommate didn’t act weird toward me at all during dinner or afterward (or tell stories about anything like hearing weird noises when he walked into the bathroom), so I guess he hadn’t seen or heard me at all.

Another lucky break for me!

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