My Diaper Pride Flag

For a long time, I’ve had the idea of creating an AB/DL pride flag. The idea began with a question: Is there an AB/DL pride flag? When I thought of this question, I searched for one on the internet, and the only one I could find was created by someone named David and posted on This flag was created in 2004, which is a very long time ago in Internet Time, where people are constantly posting all kinds of new creative images. I have seen David’s flag used a little bit in online ABDL circles, such as on Reddit, but not much.

Personally, I do not like David’s flag very much. I have two main reasons:

  1. I do not like the colors. The pink and blue do not appeal to me, especially in combination and especially done in stripes with different shades. This is partly because pink and blue in combination evoke the idea of babies (since pink is usually attached to baby girls and blue is typically attached to baby boys). It’s no secret that I’m a Diaper Lover and not an Adult Baby. So, the colors do nothing for me other than reference a part of the AB/DL spectrum that I do not identify with.
  2. The diaper pin is too obvious. This is especially true given the fact that it is designed to look like it is clipped onto a diaper (the diaper being represented by a white background). I know, I know. It’s supposed to be a PRIDE flag, so why shouldn’t the reference to diapers be obvious? Well, I can’t say that it shouldn’t. I’m just saying that I personally don’t like it. Maybe it should be obvious and I’m wrong. It’s just that I tend to see a pride flag primarily as an indicator for members of a community to identify other members, not as an indicator for non-members to identify members.

    Whether I’m right or wrong about the main purpose of a pride flag, it’s certainly true that the diaper pin graphic is not representative of AB/DL for the majority of those in the community because the majority of us do not use diapers with pins. Most of us use disposable diapers with tabs. In fact, if I really wanted to debate the diaper pin design, I could say that it doesn’t evoke diapers as well as a tab visual would; most non-AB/DLs are most familiar with disposable diapers because those are the kind used for most babies.

Just in case David or any fans of the flag happen to be reading this, I should be sure to clarify that I do not hate the flag design. I certainly do like some things about it, such as the shape surrounding the diaper pin and the way the stripes jet off of it and only fill the middle of the flag. That is pretty cool, in my opinion.

However, I was disappointed with the flag overall when I found it. My idea to create my own did not occur immediately; at the time, I was just disappointed because I had thought I might get a diaper pride pin or something. Actually, there is merch with David’s flag, but I wasn’t interested because I wasn’t a fan of the design.

If I remember correctly, I came up with my flag idea at least a year later, while at college. I don’t think I had even had David’s flag on my mind at the time. All of a sudden, my mind just translated the classic image of a diaper into a flag. I think everyone will agree that the most common image of a diaper is a white one with four blue tabs. Well, I imagined a plain white flag with two blue rectangles adorning each side. I figured the blue rectangles should be grouped toward the top of the flag rather than evenly spaced out, since that would account for the way a diaper looks while being worn.

I always knew it would be easy to actually make this design, even if I had to use Microsoft Paint, but I just never pulled the trigger on it until today. And believe it or not, it actually took me a significant amount of time to go through the process. Admittedly, a lot of the time was devoted to something I hadn’t planned in advance. While making the flag, I thought, Maybe it would look good with a heart in the middle. I figured I might as well at least make a version of the flag with a heart, since I felt that it represented the “love” part of being a diaper lover (which, as mentioned previously, I am).

Well, I knew designing the heart would be difficult, but it was even harder than I expected. Still, I stuck with the project and now I have two great versions of the flag. In fact, I have more than two because I couldn’t help myself. Since I wanted the flag to be usable on shirts and coffee mugs and such, I first designed it with black borders on everything. But I also wanted it to be usable on an actual flag, and it seemed like the borders—or at least the edge border—would be redundant in that use case. So I created a version with no borders and then a version with borders everywhere except the edges. On top of that, I couldn’t decide on the shade of blue I should use for the blue rectangles, so I made designs with two different shades. I’m not entirely confident in either shade, but I didn’t want to make a million versions, so I stopped at two.

Well, that’s the story of my flag. I’ve placed images of all of my versions right below this paragraph, and you can download full-size .PNG versions of them if you click on them. (You’ll be taken to a page with a full-size image, which you can then right-click and download.)

All versions of my flag, including any future versions I may make, are free to share and use in any way you want. Anyone is also welcome to make their own edits of the flag and/or create their own designs with mine as a basis or inspiration. Here are some ideas: I think a design with a pacifier in the middle would work well for Adult Babies and Littles. Also, I think one with an infinity symbol in the middle would work well for incontinent people. One with a crescent moon in the middle might work well for bedwetters.

I can’t really speak to how well those designs would be received, since I’m just a Diaper Lover. Which brings up something I feel it’s important to mention: I think my flag can be called an AB/DL pride flag because most AB/DLs like/love diapers. But I don’t know how well the design captures the essence of being an Adult Baby or Little, since regression is a big part of those identities. So I think it would be more accurate to call my flag a diaper pride flag than to call it an AB/DL pride flag, but I don’t think it’s wrong to call it an AB/DL pride flag.

Circling back to a previous paragraph, my designs are free to use for any purpose (outside of illegal purposes and such, but I think stuff like that goes without saying). That being said, I’ve gone ahead and made a couple of the flag designs available on TeePublic products. You can choose what you want the flag on; it could be a shirt, a coffee mug, a sticker, etc. Here is the link to my TeePublic store: I actually didn’t look into how much of a cut I’ll get on people’s purchases, but I’m honestly not in it for the money. That’ll be a nice bonus (if I get sales), but I really just wanted to create something of value for the community. I hope that my flag will be something of value, if even to just one other person.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you like the 2004 AB/DL pride flag that David created? Do you like one or more of the versions of my new diaper pride flag? (If so, please like this post!) Which of my versions do you think is the best? Please comment with your thoughts and/or questions and I just might reply. By the way, you will be a legend in my book if you write a diaper pledge of allegiance.

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