Fiction: Alicia, Part 1

This is the first in a new Fiction series of posts. Fiction posts will be fiction stories (by me) centered around adult diapers, often presented in several parts. They won’t have sexual content such as masturbation or sex, but some readers may find them sexually interesting and there’s no shame in that. This first story is about a girl named Alicia whose dad designs a “super diaper” and wants her to test it out over a month.

Hi, my name’s Alicia. My dad has been incontinent his whole life, and he has worked for the major diaper manufacturer B&Q for almost ten years now. Recently, he moved into research and development, or R&D.

For most of my life I didn’t see his incontinence, diaper use, or job as very significant. It was always in the far, far background of my life. My parents potty-trained me like a regular kid and my dad was very discreet with his diapers and when talking about his job.

That all pretty much changed once he started R&D. As soon as he was in the door, he got the ball rolling on designing a super diaper of sorts. His central idea was to have super thick padding all over the diaper, instead of just centered around one’s private parts. That would, he predicted, totally eliminate leaks resulting from awkward positions and decrease the need for diaper changes significantly.

One of the most radical ideas he had was that it would be a diaper anyone could handle. Anyone, even a totally continent person who hadn’t ever seen a diaper up close, could pick up one of his super diapers and never have an issue with it, even on the first try.

I think that’s one of the reasons he wanted me to be the test subject for his diaper once he got the first batch manufactured. I was a regular person who hadn’t really paid any attention to diapers. Plus, he only had enough for one person, he could constantly check in with me, and we hadn’t done any father-daughter bonding stuff in a while.

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Worst. Diaper. Ever.

Okay, so the title of this post sounds super dramatic, but I’m not gonna “go off” on this diaper. I get why it was made and that there are probably a small number of fans of it. So, this is just a calm account of the worst diaper I ever used: Always Discreet Underwear.

I vaguely remember why I bought a pack. I was in high school, and still buying exclusively from drugstores. I’d tried most drugstore diapers already, at least all the ones that seemed like they might be good. So, I was looking to expand my experience to diapers that looked bad but might be hidden gems. Also, I was always looking for cheap diapers, and this fit the bill (I think it was actually on sale). If it were a hidden gem and inexpensive, that would be awesome. My third reason was because it’s marketed for females, and when buying a pack I wouldn’t be suspected as the user. I wasn’t in the mood for a stressful diaper-buying experience.

I won’t lie. I was genuinely excited when I got out to my car with the pack of Always Discreet. I think I always get excited, no matter what diaper I’ve bought in store or ordered online. And this time, for some reason, my excitement led me to open the pack and put one on right then and there, in my car.

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Dogs’ Reaction to Diapers

So, something I wondered all the time before I got my first diapers was how dogs would react to diapers. They have a great sense of smell, and they like to pee when they smell pee. My family and I had three dogs at the time, so naturally I was worried. I couldn’t have my diaper love causing my animal loves to act up.

When I first got diapers, I stayed away from my dogs if I was wearing and wet. At that time, I also avoided my mom’s excellent sense of smell, so I spent most of my diapered time in my room, with the dogs and my mom safely on the other side of my door.

I’m naturally curious, though, so I got curious about the dogs. Maybe I could trust them more than I thought. It couldn’t hurt too much to try wearing a wet diaper around them to test out my fearful predictions, right? Plus, I was getting tired of isolating myself whenever I had a diaper on. I didn’t only isolate myself, actually. I also took my diaper off anytime I left my room, even though I almost always wore pants/shorts over it.

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My First Time Buying Diapers

In this post, I’ll tell you about my first time buying adult diapers. I don’t remember it too well, but I’ll try to tell you as much as I can. Hopefully my story will be interesting to some people.

I was either about to turn 17 or I had just turned 17. I had recently gotten my driver’s license and I used it to drive to and from school each day. At some point after getting it, I realized I finally, after years of waiting, had the opportunity to buy diapers. I spent weeks building up the courage to buy them, and then I finally stopped at a Family Dollar on my way home from school one day.

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