Diaper Journal: 7/1/18

This is the second post in my new Diaper Journal series. Please let me know in the comments section if you do or don’t like this type of content so I know if I should keep this series going!

I’m gonna be honest. Today is quite a blur in my my mind as I look back on it. Nevertheless, I’ll try to be as accurate as I can in today’s Journal.

Last night, I didn’t pee much before bed, so I ended up sleeping in the diaper I put on after posting yesterday’s Journal.

This morning, I woke up having to pee, as is usual for me. Since I had my diaper on, I sat on the edge of my bed and let it flow. With most diapers, I would probably lift my butt up while peeing in fear of leaks, but I was wearing a Prevail Air, a diaper I’ve grown very confident in.

I then took my dogs out and ate cereal. As I was eating cereal, I felt the urge to poop, so I pushed it out in my diaper. After I finished eating, I changed my diaper. Somehow I ended up in just the new diaper and a pair of athletic shorts, which let the top of my diaper show. I ventured into my laundry room and folded clothes in this attire, confident that the rest of my family was still asleep. They were.

I peed a little as I took folded clothes to my room.

Afterward, I got dressed for work and headed out, throwing my messy diaper in the outdoor trash can on my way.

In my first journal, I gave vague and likely-confusing details about my job because I didn’t think I should say what I do. Having thought it over some more, I feel I can say the type of thing I do: I sell snow cones at various events, such as athletic events. It’s just a summer job.

Anyway, I arrived at work at 9 AM today, just like I did yesterday. I think I peed a little when I got there, but since I didn’t have quite as much to drink as I did yesterday and it was hotter outside than it was yesterday, I didn’t pee again until about 5:30 PM. Wow. Writing it, it seems like so long to go without peeing.

I’m fairly confident I flashed my diaper a lot today. Just slightly most times, but still. It was because I chose low-hanging shorts and a fairly short shirt to wear today. My top tapes were above the waist of my shorts, and my shirt barely covered the diaper. There are only certain things I can wear to work, so that’s one reason I chose such a risky outfit. The other reason is that I was feeling super confident today. I won’t go into the details, but I just felt super comfortable with my decision to wear diapers and how I would handle someone noticing.

Despite the fact that I flashed my diaper a lot, I don’t think anyone really noticed it. If anyone did and went far enough to realize it was a diaper, they didn’t say or do anything out of the ordinary afterward.

When I got home from work, it was almost 8:00 PM. One of the first things I did was go to my room and adjust my diaper. The lower left tape had been digging into my skin for about an hour, maybe two. Then I made myself dinner, ate it, and went to take a shower. I peed in my diaper before I took it off for the shower. In the end, the diaper wasn’t super full, but it had served its demigod enough.

After my shower, I hid the diaper in my dirty clothes and took it to my room to throw in my wire trash can. Then I got to work on my blog. I haven’t put on a new diaper yet. It’s due to laziness, I guess, plus the fact that I haven’t had to pee yet. It’s surprising that I haven’t had to pee, since I’ve been drinking a lot since I got home.

I’m really enjoying doing these journals. I hope you all are enjoying them too! If you are, please let me know by commenting on or liking this entry. If not, please leave me a comment about why so I can consider changing or parting ways with journals.

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