Diaper Journal: 6/30/18

This is the first in a new series of posts. Diaper Journal posts will be accounts of my daily life with a focus on diapers. If you enjoy this post and want me to continue doing journals, please let me know in the comments so I know I should continue. If you don’t enjoy this type of content, please let me know so I can consider discontinuing this series.

Today, I woke up without a diaper on. I had to take my diaper off before bed last night, since it was too wet to spend the night in, and I was so tired that I never got around to putting a new one on.

As soon as I got up, I took my dogs outside to go to the bathroom. That’s always the first thing I do when I wake up at home. I stood out in my yard and watched them, since one of the dogs requires outdoor supervision.

Normally, I have to pee when I wake up. If I’m wearing a diaper, I gratefully use the diaper. Today, since I didn’t have a diaper on and I really had to pee, I peed in a large bush in my yard.

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Do Diapers Require Accessories?

I know that many people who are interested in diapers but have never worn them, as well as many people giving advice to those people, believe diapers require accessories such as powders, creams, wipes, inserts, and plastic pants.

I’d like to shatter this myth. While there are some diaper accessories I would recommend, none are necessary.

For anyone reading this who has never tried a diaper but wants to, I’d advise you to just buy diapers at first. That’s what I did. I’d imagined diapers as being great, but I wanted to buy some to make sure. And if I’d bought accessories and not liked the diapers, the accessories would’ve meant more money lost on top of the money I’d spent on the diapers.

That advice aside, here is a list of some accessories and my thoughts on them:

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Are Diapers Like an Underwear-Shorts Combo?

I’d love to wear diapers as an alternative to shorts. Many of you probably would, too. But would that be a reasonable allowance to expect any friends, family, or society at large to make? In order to find out, let’s take a step back from our position as diaper enthusiasts and analyze diapers to figure out if wearing one is more like wearing an underwear-shorts combo or more like merely wearing regular underwear.

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Diaper Unboxing (Kinda)

I’ve seen people post photos like this in places like Tumblr and Reddit, and I thought it would be fun to do my own for this package of diapers because the Prevail Air is my new favorite.


I got these this time last week, and snapped this photo right after I opened the box. It’s nothing fancy, but I like it. There’s just something about a new package of diapers. Sorry I took so long to post it, but I was busy.

Do you enjoy opening packages you know contain diapers? Is it better the more diapers inside? Would you enjoy if I posted more content like this in the future? Please leave me a comment to let me know!

Dogs’ Reaction to Disposed Diapers

This post is a quick follow-up to a previous post about how dogs react to diapers. In that post, I explain how I’ve only had a dog react to a diaper once (it was really the pee that had leaked from it, though).

However, disposed diapers are different from in-use diapers. One of the reasons I was worried about how dogs would react to my diapers at first was because they like to pee when they smell pee. Certainly, a disposed diaper is more like a pee puddle than an in-use diaper, so worry about them is justified.

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If I’d Gone Diapered as a Kid

When I was younger, I remember reading stories online about kids coming out to their parents as diaper lovers and being accepted. In some, the parents even bought diapers for their diaper-loving child. At the time I first read them, I wanted such a thing to happen to me. If only I were brave enough to tell my parents I wanted to go back to diapers.

I’m sure most of the stories I read were made up, but their events aren’t completely unbelievable. So, thinking back on them now makes me wonder: Would I actually have been able to handle going diapered at an early age? I’ll use my imagination to try to find out.

For the sake of this thought exercise, I’ll imagine I went back to diapers in middle school. Fifth or sixth grade was when I realized non-baby diapers were a thing (and that I wasn’t the only one they appealed to), so this makes sense. Also, I’ll imagine my parents bought my diapers, since I probably would have only been able to afford the occasional pack of diapers back then.

So, in this situation, would I have been able to handle diapers? Let’s see. . . .

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Worst. Diaper. Ever.

Okay, so the title of this post sounds super dramatic, but I’m not gonna “go off” on this diaper. I get why it was made and that there are probably a small number of fans of it. So, this is just a calm account of the worst diaper I ever used: Always Discreet Underwear.

I vaguely remember why I bought a pack. I was in high school, and still buying exclusively from drugstores. I’d tried most drugstore diapers already, at least all the ones that seemed like they might be good. So, I was looking to expand my experience to diapers that looked bad but might be hidden gems. Also, I was always looking for cheap diapers, and this fit the bill (I think it was actually on sale). If it were a hidden gem and inexpensive, that would be awesome. My third reason was because it’s marketed for females, and when buying a pack I wouldn’t be suspected as the user. I wasn’t in the mood for a stressful diaper-buying experience.

I won’t lie. I was genuinely excited when I got out to my car with the pack of Always Discreet. I think I always get excited, no matter what diaper I’ve bought in store or ordered online. And this time, for some reason, my excitement led me to open the pack and put one on right then and there, in my car.

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Dogs’ Reaction to Diapers

So, something I wondered all the time before I got my first diapers was how dogs would react to diapers. They have a great sense of smell, and they like to pee when they smell pee. My family and I had three dogs at the time, so naturally I was worried. I couldn’t have my diaper love causing my animal loves to act up.

When I first got diapers, I stayed away from my dogs if I was wearing and wet. At that time, I also avoided my mom’s excellent sense of smell, so I spent most of my diapered time in my room, with the dogs and my mom safely on the other side of my door.

I’m naturally curious, though, so I got curious about the dogs. Maybe I could trust them more than I thought. It couldn’t hurt too much to try wearing a wet diaper around them to test out my fearful predictions, right? Plus, I was getting tired of isolating myself whenever I had a diaper on. I didn’t only isolate myself, actually. I also took my diaper off anytime I left my room, even though I almost always wore pants/shorts over it.

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