Diaper Journal: 6/30/18

This is the first in a new series of posts. Diaper Journal posts will be accounts of my daily life with a focus on diapers. If you enjoy this post and want me to continue doing journals, please let me know in the comments so I know I should continue. If you don’t enjoy this type of content, please let me know so I can consider discontinuing this series.

Today, I woke up without a diaper on. I had to take my diaper off before bed last night, since it was too wet to spend the night in, and I was so tired that I never got around to putting a new one on.

As soon as I got up, I took my dogs outside to go to the bathroom. That’s always the first thing I do when I wake up at home. I stood out in my yard and watched them, since one of the dogs requires outdoor supervision.

Normally, I have to pee when I wake up. If I’m wearing a diaper, I gratefully use the diaper. Today, since I didn’t have a diaper on and I really had to pee, I peed in a large bush in my yard.

Afterward, I went inside and got ready for work. The first thing I did as part of getting dressed was put a diaper on. At the beginning of the summer, I didn’t wear a diaper to work very often for two reasons: (1) I was afraid my boss and/or coworkers would find out I was wearing, and (2) I work outdoors and it is so hot most days that I barely ever need to pee while working. Knowing that wearing a diaper will make me feel better even if I don’t use it, though, I’ve made a goal to wear to work more often.

As soon as I arrived at work, at 9 AM, I had to pee again, so I did it in my diaper. It felt like I peed about a medium amount. Around 11 AM, I felt the need to poop. I debated on whether to poop in my diaper. I never bring a change to work (I never really have the need or time to change anyway), so I would have to work in a messy diaper for hours and change at home. But I was working alone and it didn’t seem like my boss was going to drop by. Plus, my parents were likely to be out until after I got home from work, which meant I wouldn’t have to worry about them smelling my dirty diaper when I got home. So, messing my diaper wouldn’t be likely to cause any problems. Ultimately, though, I decided to at least wait until later in the day to poop if I could so that I wouldn’t risk bothering the people (non-coworkers) around me.

I drank a lot of water throughout the day, and I peed again at about 1 PM, after I had lunch. It felt like I peed quite a bit that time. Close to 4 PM, I peed a third time. That time, I barely peed at all.

As my workday came to a close, I once again considered pooping. I was up for it, but I didn’t really feel the urge to go anymore and I was busy, so I decided to wait until I got in my car to poop.

By the time I started my car, I was super ready to go home and I still didn’t feel the urge to poop, so I didn’t. When I got home, to my surprise, my parents were both home. I felt a little thankful that I hadn’t pooped, because then I would be worried about detection.

Inside my house, I had a snack and decided to take a shower afterward. I needed to take one because I worked outdoors in the heat all day. Plus, I could poop in my diaper before my shower and easily come out of the situation with my butt completely clean.

When I entered the bathroom a bit later, my training was triggered and I had the urge to pee. I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror to watch myself pee. I didn’t see much through the diaper, to be honest. Then I squatted down to poop. As hard as I tried, nothing came out, so I gave up, took my diaper off, and took a shower. After my shower, I tried to poop in the toilet, but I didn’t have any luck there either.

So, I got dressed and disposed of my used diaper in the mesh trash can in my room. Since it was full, I put all my trash in a grocery bag and took it out to my family’s outdoor trash can. Then I got on here and started typing this up. I haven’t put a new diaper on yet, but I will once I post this. It might last me all night, but if I pee a lot this evening I might have to change it before bed.

Again, please let me know in the comments section whether you like this type of content or not, and please feel free to make any suggestions.

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