Diaper Disposal with a Roommate

As I mentioned before, I’m in college. The past two semesters were my first living on a campus, and I had a roommate. So, continuing the theme from my previous post, I thought I’d share how I disposed of my diapers when I had a roommate.

I feel very accomplished because I was able to wear diapers nearly 24/7 for nearly my whole time in college. Yet, looking back, I’m in disbelief that I was able to pull it off. I mean, I had a roommate. I had professors. I hung out with people. And no one noticed my diapers?! What?! Anyway, I started wearing a month or two after school began, and soon transitioned into wearing all the time except for sometimes at night (I wasn’t a fan of night wearing for a while; I’ll have a separate post explaining why).

A large part of being successful in not being detected as a diaper wearer was my diaper disposal tactics. I think describing an average day for me will do a good job in conveying most or all of my tactics:

I wake up and my roommate is already gone. I’m wearing a diaper, which I already peed in before going to sleep the night before. I get out of bed and have my morning whiz in it. I pee a lot in the mornings, so I need to change my diaper now. I go to the bathroom with a fresh diaper and my clothes for the day. I take off my pajamas and my wet diaper. I roll the diaper up and tape it shut. I set it on my folded pajamas and put my fresh diaper on. I put my clothes on over it. I leave the bathroom and put my pajamas away. Then I take the diaper to my trash can. (My roommate and I have separate trash cans and take out our own trash.) In the trashcan, I have a trash bag. In that bag is where I throw regular trash. I lift out the bag and place the diaper in the bottom of the trash can. I have a hidden diaper in my room (see later), so I also put it in. I start to replace the bag on top of it, but I decide to take the trash out instead. So, I pick up the diapers and put them in with the regular trash. I close the bag and put a fresh one in the trash can.

Then I pack for class and leave my room with my backpack and trash bag. I pass some people in my building, but none of them pay attention to my bag enough to notice that there are diapers in it; the bag is fairly opaque. Outside, I throw my trash bag in the dumpster and get on my bike. I ride my bike to the school’s cafeteria building and eat breakfast. Then I go back to my dorm and do homework before my noon class. In my dorm, I realize I have to poop. I use the toilet so I don’t lose too much homework time trying to change and get rid of the smell. Plus, I’m in a fresh diaper, so why waste it with a single bodily function? In a perfect world, of course, I would poop in my diaper any time I had to go.

A bit later, I go to class. Then I get lunch and eat it in my dorm. I get a tea with my lunch and it makes me have to pee. I pee while I eat. Then I go to my next (and last) class. I pee again while in class. Since I’ve peed a lot, I need to change, but I prefer to change in my dorm (it gives me more privacy than most bathrooms and thus a low chance of being caught) and my roommate (the only person who might notice I’m changing a diaper) shouldn’t be home, so I go to my dorm to change after class ends. My roommate isn’t there, but I change in the bathroom anyway. After all, he could walk into the room unannounced. After changing, I take my used diaper to my trash can and hide it under the bag. Then I do homework, and at some point my roommate returns. I go to dinner with him and some friends of ours. Then we return to the dorm and I do more homework and watch some TV. Once my diaper is wet enough that I need a change, it’s time for my daily shower. I go to our bathroom with my pajamas and undress for the shower. I take my diaper off last and wrap it up within my used clothes. Then I take a shower. After the shower, I get dressed in my pajamas. I’ve decided not to wear a diaper tonight, so I’m in regular underwear. I grab my used clothes, careful not to let my diaper loose from them, and put them in my laundry bag, which is near my dresser. In the morning, I will remove the hidden diaper and put it in the “secret compartment” in my trash can. I watch more TV and then go to bed. The end.

As you can tell, I had some good diaper disposal (and other) tactics that decreased my risk of being found out as a diaper wearer while living on campus. I have a few more that I had to use on more atypical days, so maybe I’ll share those at some point too. Anyway, I hope my story has provided you with some new tactics for your own arsenal. Please leave me a comment. Which of my tactics did you like most? Are you considering using any? Whatever’s on your mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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