The Best Drugstore Diaper

When I first started wearing diapers, all I had access to were what I call drugstore diapers. I’m talking about the ones you can buy in America at drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens. This category also includes the diapers you can buy at grocery stores and dollar stores.

I did a lot of hunting around these stores and their websites in my early years of self-diapering, trying to find the best diaper for the best price. I was a broke teenager when I started, after all. I want to share my findings, in case you’re in a similar situation as I was, where I couldn’t order online and had little money.

At first, I tried Depend pull-ups. They were terrible. Online, I was always seeing diapers with tabs, though. Those looked way better than the terrible Depend pull-ups. I found some diapers at a drugstore that were pull-ups but had tabs to adjust the tightness. But would I ever find full-on tab diapers at a store? Yes, yes I would. Searching store websites, I found tab diapers at CVS and Walgreens. First, I tried the ones from CVS, even though they were a little more expensive. Then I tried the ones from Walgreens. The “brand” they sell their diapers under is Certainty. From what I remember, the Walgreens brand is either slightly better or the same as the CVS brand. And it’s cheaper. If you want drugstore diapers, I say the best are the generic Walgreens tab diapers.

But what if you want a drugstore diaper sub-type, drugstore pull-ups? I already said the Depend pull-ups are trash. Well, along my diaper testing journey, I tested more than enough others. Easily, the best of the ones I’ve used are Dollar General knockoff Goodnites. They’re called DG Kids Overnight Pants. However, these recently declined in quality (when home last winter, I got them), so you may want to go with regular Goodnites if you don’t mind spending a couple extra dollars (or if you have a wider waist than me, because Goodnights are stretchier).

In summary, the best drugstore diapers, considering quality and price, are Walgreens Certainty tab-style diapers and the best drugstore pull-ups are Goodnites or their knockoffs.

Have I left out a good drugstore diaper? Did I help you choose your next, or maybe even first, drugstore diaper? I’m looking forward to reading and responding to whatever comments you may have, so please leave me a comment on this post.

2 thoughts on “The Best Drugstore Diaper

  1. Went through the same thing and Walgreens diapers are the best bang for the buck!! They have recently redesign the diapers to have a smoother outer material the tape work great now and they seem less prone to leaks. The come in packs of 40 for less than 20$ and more than likely to be on sale Ihaven’t worn their diapers close to a year however if I needed some right now that’s the move!!

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