A Diaper Bag Discussion

For about the first six months after I first tried adult diapers, I almost exclusively used them at home. As a result, I never needed anything to carry spare diapers in when out of the house.

Then I became more bold and started wearing diapers to class. Part of what allowed me to do this was my realization that I could discreetly carry diapers in my backpack.

When I moved onto a college campus last year, that shifted my diaper carrying tactics a bit. Here’s what I did: I kept my backpack stocked with 2-4 diapers and I kept a drawstring bag (provided by the school during a welcome event) in my dresser stocked with the same amount. I also kept a small bag of wipes in each bag.

I kept both of these bags stocked with diapers for various reasons, some being:

  • It would be super normal for me to carry around a backpack most of the time.
  • Whenever I had to change while in my room, I could bring the drawstring bag to the bathroom and do so. This would be less weird than taking my backpack in the bathroom.
  • Whenever I wanted to go somewhere but didn’t want to lug a bulky backpack and/or its scholarly contents around, I could bring the drawstring bag.

I had the opportunity to stock each bag whenever my roommate was gone, showering, or asleep.

These diaper carrying tactics worked out well. I don’t think anyone ever knew I was carrying around diapers (except the one friend I told about my diaper wearing, but that’s a story for another day).

So, long story short, I’ve never really had an ‘official’ diaper bag. Like, I haven’t gone online and bought a diaper bag with compartments for adult diapers and other supplies. That wouldn’t have been as discreet, cheap, or simple as what I’ve done.

However, I don’t discourage buying an ‘official’ diaper bag if you want to. There’s a chance I will at some point, when a backpack isn’t a necessary part of my daily life anymore. Although, my dad takes a backpack to work every day, so maybe I could stick with unofficial diaper carrying gear my whole life.

If you do want to be like me and stay away from ‘official’ diaper bags, maybe just for now, hopefully my choices as described above have given you some inspiration.

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Thanks for reading!

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