Would an Average Person See Past the Surface of a Diaper?

When I see an adult diaper with a blue wetness indicator strip or a sag or something else of that nature, my mind immediately goes to the fact that its wearer has peed in it, and that’s what I focus on.

Yet, the other day, when I saw a kid with a visibly-wet diaper, the fact that the kid must have peed in it was in the far back of my mind. So, that got me wondering if non-ABDL minds would have a similar reaction to an adult wearing a wet diaper. I think they would.

For example, let’s say I go to the store wearing nothing but a diaper and a shirt in a world where that’s acceptable but most people don’t do it or wear diapers at all. If my diaper is so wet that the wetness indicator is all blue, the diaper is three times its dry thickness, and I have a massive sag in the crotch, will the mind of the person walking behind me on the cereal aisle immediately go to and focus on the fact that I’ve peed in it?

I don’t think so. I don’t think most people would really see past the surface of the diaper. I think they would see the blue stripe, the thickness, and the sag, but I think the connection of those things to the fact that I peed in my diaper would be in the back of their mind, possibly only accessible via a conscious effort.

Like with buildings, for example, I think most people would see the physical look of everything, the end result, but not bother to mentally reconstruct how it got that way most of the time.

Now, for another example, let’s say we’re back in the real world and I’m wearing a diaper to the store under my regular clothing. I bend down to get something, and the person behind me clearly sees the waistband of my diaper for long enough to realize what it is. They would probably be shocked that I’m wearing a diaper, and thus focus on it. But would they see past the surface? Would they think “that guy could be peeing right now” or anything like that? I don’t think so. I think thoughts would stay pretty surface-level. The main thing that would make an impression on the mind would be the physical look of the waistband of the diaper. The person who saw it might not even go as far as to imagine what the rest of the diaper looks like.

I think this is all good news. I sometimes wish for a future where I can wear a diaper without anything covering it while doing regular activities (outside my bedroom). It’s a weird thing to wish for, I guess, but I do wish for it, probably largely just as a result of my desire for diaper acceptance in the world. And the hypothesis this post suggests, if correct, means there are less boundaries to my wish coming true than I originally thought (not that that’s super significant).

What do you think of my hypothesis that most people would have bodily functions in the back of their mind if they saw an adult diaper, even if it was clearly wet? Would it be different if someone were familiar with diapers from taking care of young kids, just as it’s different for a DL like me? Please leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts and press the like button if you like this post. Thanks for reading!

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