Diaper Journal: 7/29/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

I woke up in a NorthShore Supreme at around 10 AM. I’d wet it twice last night, a small amount each time. When I woke up, I sat on the side of my bed and peed a fairly large amount. Afterward, I checked the diaper in my mirror and found that while the front of it was quite wet, barely any of the back was wet. It had some life left in it still.

Except, it didn’t. I pooped in it while I was out with my dogs and changed into a MoliCare as soon as I got back inside. I spent the next couple hours doing activities I normally do in the mornings. Then, just after 12 PM, my mom asked me to go to a nearby shopping center with her to get lunch and go to a couple stores.

I agreed and we both went to get ready. The first thing I did was get dressed. First, I put on a pair of pants. I avoid shorts even during the summer because my shorts don’t hide my diapers as well as my pants and most of them compress my diapers quite a bit and often cause other problems.

I needed to de-wrinkle my shirt before wearing it, so I went to the laundry room and put it in the dryer—without a shirt on. The waistband of my diaper was clearly visible above my pants! I don’t know what compelled me to take that risk, but I did. However, I was too afraid to take the same risk again later, so I put on a temporary shirt to retrieve my de-wrinkled shirt.

We left home at around 1 PM. Shortly before that, I peed a medium amount in my MoliCare. Later, while in the second store we went to, I peed twice. The first time, it was a medium-ish amount, and the second time, it was a very small amount.

After we got home, I peed once or twice more while watching TV. Then I changed into a fresh MoliCare. It was actually my last MoliCare. I peed in it once just before eating dinner and then a second time while watching TV. Then I peed in it a third time while taking a dog out.

I peed in it a fourth time while writing a post for this site that I’ll be putting up tomorrow. After that, the diaper was super full, but I soon needed to pee again. I thought it would probably hold the pee as long as I peed standing up and didn’t sit down after going. So, I stood in front of the mirror in my room and watched the diaper expand as I peed. Then I gave the padding some time to work and took it off.

After that, I went to watch some TV with my sister. I didn’t put a diaper on first because I wanted to wear a NorthShore next and they’re quite noisy.

Once we finished watching TV, I went back to my room and started writing this post. I was pretty desperate to pee, but I wanted to get this up before midnight, so I didn’t put on a diaper before I started writing. But once I got far enough in that I knew I would be able to get it up before midnight, I put on a NorthShore and peed a large amount in it.

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