My Recent Diaper History

As I wrote in a recent post, I had a pretty big scare last April when my parents came closer to finding out I wear diapers than they ever had before. The incident caused me to abstain from wearing diapers for about six months. I don’t remember too well all the diapers I used before then or in what order, but I have a pretty good memory and record of the ones I’ve used since and in what order. If you’re interested in what diapers I’ve had experience with and how much experience I’ve had, this is the post for you!

Early last November, on top of being the first time I bought diapers in six months, was the first time I bought diapers while living on campus and the first time I bought diapers online. (I hadn’t bought online before because I’d been too afraid my parents would intercept my mail.) While the purchase was a first in many ways, it was also a beginning; I haven’t gone long without diapers ever since.

Anyway, what I bought was a 12-pack of small Tena briefs off Amazon. I’d done a lot of browsing on Amazon in the past, I think mostly before the April scare with my parents, and I’d had this choice lined up for a while. I liked it because it was cheap, a good trial-size pack, and from a brand I couldn’t get in stores.

I’d expected the small size to be a good fit based on my waist size, but it wasn’t. And I guess the size problem overshadowed the other problems I had with the diaper, because I went ahead and bought a 28-pack of medium Tena Super briefs less than a week after I bought the first pack.

Sometime while going through the mediums, I concluded that there had to be better diapers than the Tenas. They were basically the same as the Walgreens Certainty briefs I got quite often before the summer; they looked and felt mostly the same, they didn’t last long, and they leaked easily.

Even though I’m super cheap, I decided to be less cheap with my next order of diapers in hopes that spending more would get me higher quality. As much as I loved Certainty briefs when I first came across them (since they were much better than pull-ups), I really wanted better diapers by that point.

So, the next diapers I bought were Abena Abri-Form S4s. Like with the Tenas, I got the small size because of my waist size. There were 22 in the pack. The first thing I noticed when I put one on was that it was extremely comfortable. Shortly thereafter, I noticed it was much more absorbent than a Tena.

Before I even put one on, though, I noticed with excitement that it had leak guards. I’d wanted an adult brief with leak guards ever since I tried a teen overnight pull-up with them (DG Kids Overnight Pants). Over time, I confirmed the leak guards did indeed help prevent leaks; I had way less with the Abenas than with the Tenas.

Unfortunately, as I went through the pack, I noticed that the waist of the diaper was low enough that it would sag a lot when wet—so much so that it would fall down when I pulled my pants down if it was significantly wet.

This wasn’t a dealbreaker, really, but it did make me wonder if the waist would be higher on the next size up. On top of that, I wondered if getting the medium size would give me a significant increase in padding/absorbency. So, by the time I finished the pack, I had Abena Abri-Form M4s on my list to try.

I didn’t get them next, though. I wanted to try a new brand and model I’d found, the MoliCare Slip Super Plus. For whatever reason (possibly availability), I bought mediums.

I was super happy with them from the beginning. They were soft, they had leak guards, they fit me well, and I liked how they looked on me. All this, combined with their fairly-low price, made me certain I’d be buying more of them.

But I didn’t need to yet. They came in a pack of 30, and I barely had time to use any before I had to go home for winter break. Yeah, I could have taken at least some home with me, but I didn’t want to risk it. I was still very afraid at that point of my parents finding out I like diapers.

I planned to avoid diapers for my entire break, but I thought a lot about them during it and eventually decided toward the end of December to buy a pack of DG Kids Overnight Pants. They were my most discreet potential option.

I was able to finish off the 12-pack I bought just before I went back to campus, so I didn’t have to hide or transport them. Once I got back and my parents left, I started wearing my MoliCares again. Shortly thereafter, in mid-January, I bought my second pack of MoliCares.

Closer to the end of January, even though I hadn’t gone through  all the MoliCares, I ordered a 14-pack of Abena M4s. I got the traditional style (non-Abri-Form), so they had plastic backing.

They were the first diapers I ever got with plastic backing. I thought they were amazing in the absorbency and anti-leak departments, but I didn’t like how bulky and crinkly they were. It made me nervous.

The next diapers I bought were Tranquility ATNs. They came in a pack of 12. They were much less bulky and loud than M4s, even though they were also plastic-backed. Unfortuately, the padding didn’t seem very absorbent and I ended up changing them more often than I changed MoliCares.

After the ATNs, I bought a 14-pack of Abena Abri-Form M4s. I actually didn’t like them very much. They were very rigid, and their size made this more of a problem than it was with the S4s. Plus, they didn’t fit as well as their plastic-backed counterparts had.

Without using many of the Abri-Form M4s, I ordered another pack of ATNs and another pack of MoliCares, which were both delivered toward the end of February. I liked the ATNs quite a bit even with their low absorbency, but with the second pack I discovered that, at least to some degree, they absorbed better than it felt like they did. As a result, I ended up liking them even more.

Accordingly, at the very end of March, I got another pack of ATNs. Then, at the very beginning of April, I got another pack of MoliCares.

I believe it was when I ran out of those MoliCares (or approached that point) that I decided to finish off the last of my Abri-Form M4s, which I’d only been using on rare occasions since I realized I didn’t like them very much.

As I finished off the M4s, I ordered another pack of MoliCares. This was in the middle of April. I knew I’d only have about a week and a half to use them before I had to go home for the summer, but I ordered them anyway because I didn’t want to end the semester without diapers and I expected I’d be reluctantly taking most of the summer off from diapers out of nervousness (I didn’t want to prolong the break).

I could have ordered ATNs instead, but I figured a pack wouldn’t be enough for a week and a half and I didn’t want the stress the plastic backing would give me on top of the stress of the end of the semester.

I almost threw out my remaining MoliCares when it came time to move home for the summer, but my friend gave me some encouragement to take them home, so I faced my fears and brought them with me.

I think I brought between ten and twenty MoliCares home. That was all it took to get me started, I guess. I used a few of them before buying a pack of GoodNites and, soon, a pack of Walgreens Certainty briefs. After I bought the GoodNites, I stopped using the MoliCares, essentially deciding to reserve them for special occasions.

My Certainty supply began dwindling around the time my parents were set to go out of town, so I decided to order some more-premium diapers online while they were gone. I ordered a pack of MoliCares to refill my dwindling supply. In addition, I ordered a 14-pack of Abena Abri-Flex pull-ups and a 16-pack of Prevail Air briefs to try. I wanted to try the Abenas because I wondered if they would be like Goodnites for adults, and I wanted to try the Prevails because I’d never tried diapers with only one big tab on each side before (which is what I thought they were).

The MoliCares and the Abenas arrived together. I tried the Abenas and found out they were like adult GoodNites. You can read my review by clicking here. A day or two later, my Prevails arrived and I was briefly disappointed when I went to try one. They didn’t really have only one big tab on each side. It was more like they had two small tabs on each side that were connected by cloth.

After that initial disappointment, I became very impressed by the Prevails—so much so that they became my primary diapers while my parents were gone and I ordered two more packs that arrived shortly before my parents got home. My secondary diapers while my parents were gone were the Abenas. I didn’t even open the new MoliCares until the day my parents came back, and I only opened them then because I could pack them away better if they were out of their package. I’d been so thrilled with the new diapers that I hadn’t had much of a desire to wear MoliCares.

About a month later, my parents went out of town again on two separate but close-together occasions. While they were away the first time, I ordered two more packs of Prevails. While they were away the second time, I ordered a 15-pack of NorthShore Supremes to try. You can read my review by clicking here. I only have ten Prevails and four NorthShores left now in total, having finished off my MoliCares about a week ago (I used them in alternation with my Prevails for a while).

In summary, these are all the packs of diapers I’ve bought since the start of last November:

  • 6 packs of 30 MoliCare Super Pluses
  • 5 packs of 16 Prevail Airs
  • 3 packs of 12 Tranquility ATNs
  • 1 pack of 12 small Tena briefs
  • 1 pack of 28 medium Tena Super briefs
  • 1 pack of 22 Abena Abri-Form S4s
  • 1 pack of 14 Abena Abri-Form M4s
  • 1 pack of 14 plastic-backed Abena M4s
  • 1 pack of 14 Abena Abri-Flex M3s
  • 1 pack of 15 NorthShore Supremes
  • 1 pack of 12 DG Kids Overnight Pants
  • 1 pack of 11 GoodNites

Now you should have a good idea of the diapers I’ve tried, how much experience I’ve had with each, and how recent that experience was.

If my recent diaper history interested you, please press the Like button below. And if you have any thoughts or questions about anything I’ve written here, please feel free to write them in a comment. Thanks for reading!

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  1. So I noticed you trying any of the AB style printed diapers out there: ABUniverse, Bambino Diapers, Tykable, Rearz, QTTY Diapers, and many others. I would encourage you to try those too!

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