How I’ve Chosen Clothes with Diapers in Mind

Admittedly, I don’t get new clothes very often. However, I did select a good deal of my wardrobe with the intention of being able to comfortably and discreetly wear diapers underneath my clothes. So, how did I go about this?

Well, as I’ve written about before, I was hooked on diapers as soon as I tried my first pack, which was right around my 17th birthday. It wasn’t too long after that when the time to get some new pants came along. Since I’m quite tall and thin, I wasn’t able to find satisfactory pants in stores. The ones that fit my waist were too short, and the ones that were long enough were too big in the waist.

I’m pretty sure it was my mom who suggested for me to look online for pants. With that advice, I checked out Amazon, and they had some pants in my size. I’m not sure if I was always thinking about diapers while looking for my new pants, but I know I thought about diapers when choosing from the ones on Amazon. The first diaper-related decision I made was to get pleated pants. If I remember correctly, I had seen one of my professors wearing pleated pants at the college where I was dual-enrolled, and I thought that the pleating would help to conceal the shape of a diaper if I was wearing one.

After I got my first pair of pleated pants, I made another diaper-related decision. For the first pair, I had chosen the waist size to match what my actual waist size was. The pants fit very well, but only with regular underwear. Even though I was using pretty thin diapers at the time, having a diaper on under my pants made for a bit too tight of a fit. This was the only issue I had with the pants. In all other respects, they were great, so I knew I wanted more of the same kind. I communicated to my parents that the first pair was a bit tight and got their approval to get the next size up in the waist for my next pair(s).

Do I think it was unethical of me to say the fit was wrong even though the fit was perfect except when I was wearing a diaper? No, even looking back with more life experience under my belt, I don’t think it was. I knew with certainty that I loved diapers and that I would be wearing them pretty much as often as possible. Even if I wasn’t willing to share my underwear choice with my parents, I was making a reasonable decision for my wardrobe. I had little doubt that the larger pants would still fit fine without a diaper. Plus, I figured the slight size bump would be the better choice for a growing person anyway.

It wasn’t long before I had enough of the new pants that I didn’t have to wear any of my old pants anymore. And it wasn’t long before it was time for me to get new shorts.

My mom took me to Old Navy to shop for shorts. I don’t think I was brave enough to wear a diaper during the shopping trip, but I did pick my new shorts with diapers in mind. I basically did the same thing I ultimately did with the pants, except I didn’t have to get a trial pair this time since I was able to try on different sizes. I found the size that fit me best, then tried on the next size up. After confirming that this size fit over regular underwear and determining that it should fit over a diaper with discretion, I told my mom that the diaper-friendly size was the best fit. Since I pretty much didn’t have any shorts at home that fit me well (it was just one of those times in a teenager’s life), my mom let me pick out a good number of pairs in the diaper-friendly size. I’m thinking maybe four or five, but I don’t really remember. I got the same kind of shorts in multiple colors.

The pants and shorts I got at those times lasted me for years. It turned out that I didn’t grow too terribly quickly after that point. While I’ve had to get new pairs of pants over the years due to gradual wear and sudden tear, I still wear the same size pants I did back when I was 17. At least, I think I do. There may have been one size increase that I’ve forgotten about. In any case, the time for me to get bigger shorts again came when I was 20. I was still getting a decent fit without a diaper on, but wearing a diaper underneath was no longer comfortable enough. This was especially true if I was wearing a bulky diaper, which I had been doing more often as time went on.

Since I had been happy with the shorts my mom got me at Old Navy, I went there again. This time, though, I went by myself (on my own dime) and I wore a diaper so that I could get the right fit without any guessing. I went for the size that fit snugly over my diaper without being too tight. I figured this would allow me to get a decent fit with underwear, too, and I was right. Not that it would have mattered too terribly much if I was wrong. I bought these shorts in almost every available color, since they were on sale for a great price.

Well, I’ve talked enough about pants and shorts. What do I do when buying shirts? Actually, I don’t do anything special. I just buy shirts in my size, and I’ve never have any real trouble. My pants tend to cover enough of a diaper that the shirt I wear doesn’t really matter because it’s not responsible for covering much of the diaper. My shorts don’t go up as high as my pants, but this has never really caused a problem. My shirts have always been able to make up the difference, if even just barely.

I used to get worried whenever I was wearing shorts and I wanted to wear a shirt that barely covered up the diaper sticking out from the top. Often, this would discourage me from making the combination, and I would settle for a different shirt. These days, I’m no longer too concerned about the general public seeing my diaper if I’m just going about my life, so I usually just wear whatever shirt I want.

In situations where I want to be more cautious with how I dress but I still want to wear shorts, I’ll do one of two things. Usually, I’ll just wear a long shirt. I have at least two long shirts that pretty much guarantee my diaper won’t show. If my long shirts are dirty or something, I’ll pick a shirt and test out different movements and positions in my room to see what activities put me at risk for having my diaper show. I might test multiple shirts, but I usually just go with my first choice and see what the boundaries of my activities should be.

Why haven’t I built up a shirt collection of exclusively long shirts? Well, that’s a fair question. I suppose I could have done that pretty easily. Given that Amazon sells pants that are perfect for my unusual situation, it’s likely that they sell all kinds of long shirts. But I’ve just never gone looking. I guess I was never too concerned about my shirts because I knew that my choices for pants and shorts would do a good enough job of keeping my diaper under the radar.

Now that I’m thinking about the topic, though, maybe I’ll go search for long shirts on Amazon. Although, I probably won’t, since I’m less concerned now than ever before about the possibility of my diaper showing. I just don’t see why I should worry about people noticing I’m diapered. As long as I’m not going out of my way to get people to notice, I don’t see how I’m doing anything wrong.

Given my current thoughts on discretion, do I regret choosing my pants and shorts the way I did? No, mainly because I still try to exercise a decent level of discretion around people I know, since I’d rather not be found out. Additionally, I think every decision I’ve made has had a fit-related benefit in addition to a discretion benefit. For example, even though I chose to get pleated pants because I thought the pleating would visually distract from a diaper bulge, the pleating actually makes the pants more roomy. This helps with comfort.

Hopefully my explanations of the ways I’ve approached choosing clothes with diapers in mind will help you with how you choose clothes in the future. If you’re a woman, things might be more difficult, since your clothing options and society’s norms aren’t necessarily in your favor, but I think that the logic I’ve used is still applicable. You can choose your pants by wearing a diaper to the store and seeing what cut and size fits best over the top. Also, you can try to get long shirts if discretion is important for you. Plus, you do have certain advantages, such as the existence of skirts and dresses.

What do you think of my approach to buying clothes? Do you already have a similar approach? If not, do you think you are going to adopt or adapt my approach for yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please hit the like button if you found this to be a worthwhile read. I’m kind of insecure about how long it ended up being.

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