An Upcoming Opportunity to Order Diapers

A few days ago, I found out that I’m going to have another opportunity to order diapers online soon. I immediately knew I wanted to get another pack or two of Prevail Airs, but I also wondered if I should go ahead and try one of the more premium diapers I haven’t tried yet. (I had been planning to wait until the fall semester starts to try any.)

During a slow time at work yesterday, I saw someone wearing a small, one-strap backpack that got me wondering if I could find one like it that would fit diapers. If I could, I could use it instead of a drawstring bag to carry my diapers around at school. I saw some advantages to this, so I looked on Amazon to try to find one.

I found one that looks like it will fit most diapers and looks really nice, so I’m probably going to buy it soon. After I found it, I decided to look at the premium diapers Amazon has, in preparation for my upcoming order. Before looking, I was inclined toward ConfiDry 24/7s. They seem super premium and I’ve been wanting to try them for a while.

I looked at the Amazon listing for them, but they cost more than I was hoping. Plus, there are more in a pack than I was hoping. If I’m going to get premium diapers, I want to get a pretty small pack so I can test them but not get burdened by having to use them up. Wearing them often at school wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I doubt I’ll want to wear them often at home because premium diapers are more noticeable. This despite my recent increase in relaxation and bravery when it comes to diapers.

After looking at the 24/7s, I browsed at random. I ended up deciding NorthShore Supremes were my best option. A pack is a decent price and contains less diapers than a pack of 24/7s.

Yet, today I’ve been questioning my decision. I’m going to try the 24/7s at some point, so why wait if I don’t have to? And I’m more excited about the possibility of trying the 24/7s. So maybe I should go with them after all.

Which premium diaper do you think I should order when my window of opportunity arrives? Please leave me a comment to let me know! I’m really interested in hearing your opinions, since I can’t seem to make a final decision on my own.

One thought on “An Upcoming Opportunity to Order Diapers

  1. Update: I’ve decided, for various reasons, to postpone my order of premium diapers until after I start the fall semester, when I originally intended to order some. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t still want your opinion. Whichever diaper gets suggested here the most (if either ever gets suggested) will be the first one I try. And I’ll be doing a review of whichever one it is.


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