Diaper Journal: 7/7/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

Last night, I put on a MoliCare for bed. As is my new usual, I didn’t wear anything over the diaper. I peed in it a medium-ish amount before falling asleep.

This morning, I woke up having to pee pretty badly. I tried to go in the position I woke up in, thinking my urgency would help, but it didn’t. It’s probably for the best, since peeing in that position probably would have caused a leak. I ended up sitting on the edge of my bed to pee. I trust the MoliCare enough to do that (instead of picking up my butt to pee, which I do with some lower-quality diapers to avoid leaks). I peed a large-ish amount, then lay back down for about an hour before getting up.

You may notice I’ve been describing my wettings with “-ish” lately. I’ve decided to do this because my perception and memory aren’t great for measuring my fluid output. And while we’re on the subject, my notions of small, medium, and large wettings may be significantly different from yours, so I guess you may never really know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I had a small-ish wetting and then a medium-ish wetting as I went through my morning activities. Since I already felt like I needed a change after my first wetting of the morning, I was definitely pushing it with that last wetting, but I only sprung a minor leak. I removed the diaper afterward, and it was soaked.

Right after that, my parents invited me to go to brunch with them, so I put on a Prevail and got dressed to go. I drove separately because they planned to spend most of the day out. After I got home, I had a small-ish wetting in the kitchen as I was getting something to drink. Then I did some chores. One of the things I did was put my dirty clothes from the past week or two in the washing machine.

Soon, my day started to get weird. I started trying to write a post for this blog, but I had trouble getting my thoughts out. As I wrote and wrestled with my words, I felt the urge to poop. I didn’t want to poop in my diaper, since it was pretty fresh, but I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I did it anyway.

I soon got frustrated enough with the post I’d been writing that I decided to take a break from writing and just think about it. For some reason, I decided to go sit out in my yard to think about it.

Out in my yard, I noticed it was very sunny, so I lay down and took my shirt off to try to tan a little while I was getting my thinking done. The grass was too itchy for me, so I went back inside and grabbed a towel to lay on.

At one point, I decided to take my pants off. There I was, laying in the sun in just a diaper. But it didn’t last long; clouds soon blocked the sun and having my pants off felt too risky if I wasn’t getting a tan out of it.

I’d been thinking about my post for most of the time I was tanning, but I got better thinking done once I was sitting up and not being blasted by heat.

Amazingly, my thinking not only helped me get past the issues I was having with my post, but also motivated me to write two more posts today (in addition to this journal, which I had already planned).

Once I was pumped to get to work, the sun came back out, so I decided to tan a bit longer and lay back down. Afterward, I took a shower, since I was sweaty and had a messy diaper.

After my shower, I put on a fresh Prevail, moved my clean clothes to the dryer, and started to work on my blog again. Only a few minutes in, I began to feel super fatigued. I realized I’ve been pretty much constantly busy lately and haven’t been sleeping as much as I probably should, so I decided to try to take a nap—something I haven’t done in at least six months.

I abandoned my post and lay down at around 3 PM in my attempt to nap. I didn’t fall asleep until about an hour later, but then I slept until about 6:30. I had some super weird dreams and some super weird thoughts as I approached sleep and came out of it, which pretty much confirms to me that I was in desperate need of sleep.

After I woke up, I had a strong urge to pee, so I went in my diaper as I sat on the edge of my bed. It was a pretty large wetting, and it felt really good.

I was very groggy, but I didn’t want to sleep any longer, so I started watching a TV show and making dinner for myself. Shortly after dinner, I went to the laundry room to fold up my clothes. I peed a bit as I was folding them.

I haven’t done anything worth noting since, but, boy, was that a weird afternoon! I normally don’t have so much randomness to what I do.

(If you’re curious as to whether the post I put up before this one is the one I had so much trouble with, it is. If you read it, you probably won’t have any idea what problems I possibly could have had with it, but I did have significant ones. Like I said, I had a weird afternoon. Not to mention, I think writing so much recently has started messing with my head.)

I’ll probably go to bed soon. I doubt I’ll need to change my diaper before then, so I’ll probably spend the night in the one I’m wearing now (the one I put on after my shower).

I hope you all are enjoying my journals! If you are, please let me know by commenting on or liking this entry. If not, please leave me a comment about why so I can consider changing or parting ways with journals. Any other comments are welcome as well!

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