Diaper Journal: 7/6/18

This is the fourth post in my new Diaper Journal series. Please let me know in the comments section if you do or don’t like this type of content so I know if I should keep this series going!

This morning, I woke up a bit earlier than when I’d set my alarm to go off because my entire family was already awake and getting ready to leave (for things I had no idea about until this morning).

Since I needed to get up soon anyway to get ready for work, I went ahead and got up and took my dogs out. I wasn’t wearing a diaper because (for various reasons) I never put one on after my shower last night.

Despite not having to pee very much or very urgently after waking up the past few days, I had to pee really bad this morning. Since my family was up and moving around a lot, I couldn’t bring myself to pee outside when I was out with the dogs. Instead, I bolted for the toilet as soon as I got in. It felt a little weird going in a toilet, since I barely use toilets anymore.

After I had a light breakfast and my family left, I put on a diaper and got dressed for work. Since my family has been hogging the washing machine and I’ve been out for most of each day recently, I haven’t done my laundry in a week, maybe two. As a result, I ended up wearing some shorts that don’t really have space for a diaper and a short shirt that barely covered my diaper. I was fine with having my diaper just out of view; that’s how it was last Sunday and it didn’t cause any problems. But I wasn’t a fan of the shorts compressing and denting my diaper.

I peed twice at work. Both times, I peed a medium-ish amount. I don’t think the shorts caused my diaper to leak at all. Close to noon, I got a pretty strong urge to poop. I knew I would be spending a decent amount of time with my boss later, so I made sure to hold it, just to be safe.

Close to 8 PM, I left work. I considered pooping when I got to my car, but I wanted to go get something from a restaurant and decided against risking bothering anyone there. Plus, I figured my parents were probably home, and it would be pretty stressful to have to walk by them in a messy diaper and change as soon as I got home. (If I’m going to be caught wearing a diaper by my parents, I’d rather the situation not involve poop.)

In retrospect, I wish I would have pooped when I got to my car. I doubt I would have bothered anyone in the restaurant (partly because I was just getting a to-go order), and my parents actually weren’t home when I got home.

I ended up pooping in a pretty safe way (if that’s the right way to put it). After I got home and ate, I pooped while squatting in the hallway outside one of our bathrooms, then went into it and took a shower. After my shower, I disposed of my dirty diaper along with some others in the outdoor trash can and headed for my computer to write this. I haven’t put on a new diaper yet. I probably will before I go to bed, though.

I hope you all are enjoying these journals! If you are, please let me know by commenting on or liking this entry. If not, please leave me a comment about why so I can consider changing or parting ways with journals.

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