Diaper Journal: 8/4/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

Today was a pretty boring day, but I’ll write about it anyway since most of my days have been boring recently.

I woke up a little after 9 AM. Then I sat up on the edge of my bed and peed a large amount. I felt my pee wetting my NorthShore all over the front and flowing down to my butt and wetting quite a bit of the back.

Then I walked over to the mirror on my closet door and took a look at it; I wasn’t wearing anything over it, as usual. I saw that whereas it had barely been wet when I’d gone to bed, it was now wet everywhere except at the top corners in the back.

I felt this wetness on my skin after I took my dogs out, as I lay in bed eating breakfast and watching TV and such. At one point, I got up to examine the diaper in the mirror again and I peed a small amount. I felt it settle in my crotch area.

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My Recent Diaper History

As I wrote in a recent post, I had a pretty big scare last April when my parents came closer to finding out I wear diapers than they ever had before. The incident caused me to abstain from wearing diapers for about six months. I don’t remember too well all the diapers I used before then or in what order, but I have a pretty good memory and record of the ones I’ve used since and in what order. If you’re interested in what diapers I’ve had experience with and how much experience I’ve had, this is the post for you!

Early last November, on top of being the first time I bought diapers in six months, was the first time I bought diapers while living on campus and the first time I bought diapers online. (I hadn’t bought online before because I’d been too afraid my parents would intercept my mail.) While the purchase was a first in many ways, it was also a beginning; I haven’t gone long without diapers ever since.

Anyway, what I bought was a 12-pack of small Tena briefs off Amazon. I’d done a lot of browsing on Amazon in the past, I think mostly before the April scare with my parents, and I’d had this choice lined up for a while. I liked it because it was cheap, a good trial-size pack, and from a brand I couldn’t get in stores.

I’d expected the small size to be a good fit based on my waist size, but it wasn’t. And I guess the size problem overshadowed the other problems I had with the diaper, because I went ahead and bought a 28-pack of medium Tena Super briefs less than a week after I bought the first pack.

Sometime while going through the mediums, I concluded that there had to be better diapers than the Tenas. They were basically the same as the Walgreens Certainty briefs I got quite often before the summer; they looked and felt mostly the same, they didn’t last long, and they leaked easily.

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Diaper Journal: 7/30/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

Today wasn’t very special, aside from the fact that I peed a lot, so I’ll keep this short.

I woke up at 9 AM, then peed in my diaper—a NorthShore Supreme—while sitting on the side of my bed. It was the same one I peed a ton in while writing my journal entry last night, and this was only the second time I’d peed in it, but when I looked in the mirror I saw it was already wet partway up the back along with being super full in the front and crotch.

The urge to poop hit me pretty suddenly about an hour later. I think I was watching a video at the time. I pushed it out right there and then, but I didn’t feel like I got it all out, so I untaped my diaper and hovered over it to get the rest out. Then I wiped my butt clean, taped up the diaper with the wipes inside, and went to take a shower.

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The Easiest & Worst Time to Get Caught

The other day, while I was changing out of a messy diaper and worrying about being walked in on, I had a realization: during a diaper change would be the easiest time to get caught (wearing/with a diaper/diapers), and it would probably also be the worst time to get caught.

I mean, think about it. We have to change our diapers, multiple times per day in many cases. That frequency means there are multiple times each day you could be caught. And during a diaper change, your pants are down (or something like that), and your used diaper is almost certainly either coming off or laying out. On top of that, a fresh diaper is probably either laying out or being put on. That means you’re vulnerable; anyone who walks in on you will see at least one diaper.

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The Time I Almost Got Found Out

Ever since I first started buying and wearing adult diapers, I made sure to be super careful about it so my family wouldn’t find out. Despite this, I did have some close calls. Looking back, I’d only describe the closest of those close calls as “a time I almost got found out by my parents,” despite how close some of the others felt at the time.

This incident occurred just last spring, on my mom’s birthday. At the college I was attending, it was the last week of class before finals week. I woke up early to work on a project I had due later that same day. I had a lot of work to do, and not a minute to spare, so I put on one of my Certainty diapers so I wouldn’t have to get up from my computer to use the bathroom.

I’m not sure of the time because it was so long ago, but at some point my mom knocked on my door. She’d taken off work. I easily told her to come in because I had sweatpants on over my diaper. I wished her a happy birthday, and she told me she and my step-dad were about to go out. I think they were going to breakfast or brunch, but maybe they were going to a store or something.

When my mom was about to leave my room, she asked me for a hug. I was too nervous for that. I was worried she would hear or feel my diaper if we hugged. Looking back, I know there wasn’t much of a reason to be so nervous, and I realize that if I’d just hugged her everything would have been fine.

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Diaper Journal: 7/29/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

I woke up in a NorthShore Supreme at around 10 AM. I’d wet it twice last night, a small amount each time. When I woke up, I sat on the side of my bed and peed a fairly large amount. Afterward, I checked the diaper in my mirror and found that while the front of it was quite wet, barely any of the back was wet. It had some life left in it still.

Except, it didn’t. I pooped in it while I was out with my dogs and changed into a MoliCare as soon as I got back inside. I spent the next couple hours doing activities I normally do in the mornings. Then, just after 12 PM, my mom asked me to go to a nearby shopping center with her to get lunch and go to a couple stores.

I agreed and we both went to get ready. The first thing I did was get dressed. First, I put on a pair of pants. I avoid shorts even during the summer because my shorts don’t hide my diapers as well as my pants and most of them compress my diapers quite a bit and often cause other problems.

I needed to de-wrinkle my shirt before wearing it, so I went to the laundry room and put it in the dryer—without a shirt on. The waistband of my diaper was clearly visible above my pants! I don’t know what compelled me to take that risk, but I did. However, I was too afraid to take the same risk again later, so I put on a temporary shirt to retrieve my de-wrinkled shirt.

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Diaper Journal: 7/26/18

In Diaper Journal posts, I write about my day with a focus on what you might call the “diaper side” of my life.

This morning, I woke up in a NorthShore Supreme. I think I wet it twice last night, not much either time. I rolled over, got up on my knees and elbows, and peed once more.

Then I got out of bed and looked at my diaper in the mirror. I wasn’t wearing anything over it. I saw that it was quite wet; it was wet all over the front and almost all the way to the top of the back. Having noted this, I put on a pair of athletic shorts over the diaper and took my dogs out.

Once I got back to my room, I took the shorts off and watched TV on my phone. After I finished an episode, I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I got a bowl of cereal and fed my dogs (shorts back on).

Shortly after that, my sister got home from staying the night at a friend’s house. Even so, I pooped in my diaper a few minutes later. (Really, it was no big deal, since I remained in the privacy of my room, but her being home did increase my nervousness.) Next, I changed out of the messy diaper and went to take a shower.

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Review: NorthShore Supreme Briefs

Long story short: In an earlier post, I said I was looking at trying some new premium plastic-backed diapers soon, possibly NorthShore Supremes. Then I posted a comment on that post saying I’d changed my mind. Then I changed my mind back and bought some. I did go with the Supremes. Now I’m going to review them. . . .

NorthShore (7)

The NorthShore Supreme, in my eyes, is like a cheap version of the Abena M4—which is ironic because the Supreme is quite a bit more expensive. To be precise, I got a pack of 14 Abena M4s in January for about $18 and a pack of NorthShore Supremes recently for about $27.

I have been very disappointed with the Supremes ever since I first opened the pack I bought. The first thing about them that disappointed me was that they have these hard, sand-like bumps on them in random places. I’ve seen these on brand new diapers before, but not so many of them. I’m guessing it’s some issue with the padding. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is aesthetically displeasing, so it gave me an early burst of disappointment.

NorthShore (8)

For another thing, the briefs are quite thin. At least, they’re thinner than I expected. And, probably partially for that reason, they act quite like super-thin MoliCare Super Pluses do when I first put them on: they stay pretty far from my skin. That’s not a characteristic I like in my diapers.

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