My Diaper Pride Flag

For a long time, I’ve had the idea of creating an AB/DL pride flag. The idea began with a question: Is there an AB/DL pride flag? When I thought of this question, I searched for one on the internet, and the only one I could find was created by someone named David and posted on This flag was created in 2004, which is a very long time ago in Internet Time, where people are constantly posting all kinds of new creative images. I have seen David’s flag used a little bit in online ABDL circles, such as on Reddit, but not much.

Personally, I do not like David’s flag very much. I have two main reasons:

  1. I do not like the colors. The pink and blue do not appeal to me, especially in combination and especially done in stripes with different shades. This is partly because pink and blue in combination evoke the idea of babies (since pink is usually attached to baby girls and blue is typically attached to baby boys). It’s no secret that I’m a Diaper Lover and not an Adult Baby. So, the colors do nothing for me other than reference a part of the AB/DL spectrum that I do not identify with.
  2. The diaper pin is too obvious. This is especially true given the fact that it is designed to look like it is clipped onto a diaper (the diaper being represented by a white background). I know, I know. It’s supposed to be a PRIDE flag, so why shouldn’t the reference to diapers be obvious? Well, I can’t say that it shouldn’t. I’m just saying that I personally don’t like it. Maybe it should be obvious and I’m wrong. It’s just that I tend to see a pride flag primarily as an indicator for members of a community to identify other members, not as an indicator for non-members to identify members.

    Whether I’m right or wrong about the main purpose of a pride flag, it’s certainly true that the diaper pin graphic is not representative of AB/DL for the majority of those in the community because the majority of us do not use diapers with pins. Most of us use disposable diapers with tabs. In fact, if I really wanted to debate the diaper pin design, I could say that it doesn’t evoke diapers as well as a tab visual would; most non-AB/DLs are most familiar with disposable diapers because those are the kind used for most babies.

Just in case David or any fans of the flag happen to be reading this, I should be sure to clarify that I do not hate the flag design. I certainly do like some things about it, such as the shape surrounding the diaper pin and the way the stripes jet off of it and only fill the middle of the flag. That is pretty cool, in my opinion.

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Diaper Demigod’s Domain

Fun fact: The original name of this website was Diaper Demigod’s Domain. I quickly pared it down to Diaper Demigod.

Anyway, this is just a quick announcement post to let everyone know that I’ve upgraded my blog with a .com domain name. Now all you have to do to reach my site is type “” into your favorite web browser! Cool, right?

I’m hoping this will make my site easier to come across and easier to remember. Maybe things won’t work out that way, but I’ll be happy regardless because I mostly just wanted a .com domain name for the aesthetics of it.

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I’m Back (!!!)

I don’t know where to start. It’s been almost three years since I began this blog and more than two years since I last posted to it. I loved doing this blog and I never intended to stop posting. At the end of the summer of 2018, when I was about to return to my university, I figured I would have to post less frequently, but I still wanted to post. I certainly still had diaper adventures.

Wow! I’ve had so much happen in my diaper life since I stopped posting. I want to share everything on this blog, but I’m not going to do so immediately. It would be way too much; plus, if I shared everything in my first post, I wouldn’t have anything with which to bait you wonderful readers into checking back in. Well, that’s not entirely right, since I have diapers in my future as well as in my past, but still. Back to what I said before: I can’t begin to unpack the last two to three years in one post!

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Why I Didn’t & Do Like Wearing to Bed

For the majority of the time since I started buying diapers for myself, I didn’t like wearing diapers to bed. I had several reasons for this, some being:

  • I couldn’t enjoy the diapers in my sleep
  • I couldn’t use the diapers in my sleep
  • A diaper combined with my blanket made me too hot
  • Waking up in a sweaty diaper felt bad, and that’s how I always woke up in one
  • Tossing and turning in my sleep put a lot of mileage on diapers, crumpling them and such
  • Sleep movements and length sometimes caused leaks
  • Peeing while laying in bed, just before or after sleep, often led to leaks

With such an extensive list of problems, I’m sure it’s clear I tried wearing to bed many times without many positive experiences. Indeed, I tried over and over; in theory, wearing to bed was fine at worst, but in practice it was fine at best.

So, what changed my attitude? I don’t know, really, but I can speculate.

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A Quick Update on My Diaper Shortage

I wrote a post on Sunday about how I was running low on diapers and trying to decide what to do about it. Out of four options, I was leaning toward the second, which was to buy a pack of GoodNites and ration them once I ran out of my Prevail and NorthShore briefs. But “leaning” isn’t much of a commitment, so at the end of the post I promised an update on my decision once I was more sure.

One thing I’ve done (though it hasn’t been completely intentional) that has helped me decide is I haven’t worn a diaper since Sunday, even though I have briefs available.

That has allowed me to eliminate my third option from consideration. That option was to continue business as usual (diapered 24/7) until I ran out of briefs and then go cold turkey. It was an option because I wasn’t sure I could handle option four, rationing my remaining briefs (and not buying more). Now that I know I could handle option four, it has become more of a possibility.

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A Close Call While Changing in a Stall

At one point toward the end of last semester, I had a close call with being found out by my roommate when he walked into a public bathroom while I was changing my diaper in a stall. Read on for the details. . . .

While I sometimes changed my diaper in the bathroom I shared with my roommate when he was home, I don’t think he ever realized what I was doing in there. At least, he gave no indication he did. And he was always pretty absorbed in his own world (I’d say more than most people) so it makes sense he would never figure me out.

But public bathrooms are a different beast. It’s way less private in there. Stall walls don’t reach the floor, and there’s often a substantial gap between stall doors and stall walls that’s easy to see through, even when you’re not trying to. Plus, sound travels well and echoes.

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A Diaper Conversation At Dinner

A week or two ago, my family briefly talked about adult diapers at dinner. I found this very strange and interesting. I meant to write up the conversation in a post the day it happened, but it slipped my mind. Then I kept forgetting to do it until now, when instead of a super-accurate transcript of the conversation, all I can provide is a good approximation of what was said. Oh, well. Here it goes:

I think my entire family, myself included, looked up from our plates to the TV when an adult diaper commercial started toward the end of dinner. I don’t know what caused us all to look. Maybe the commercial was louder than the others. Anyway, as is a pretty usual thing for me, as soon as I realized what the commercial was for, I removed my eyes to seem disinterested.

I think a laugh from my sister was what prompted my mom to say something about the commercial, but maybe my sister didn’t laugh and she just decided to say something. What my mom said surprised me. It was something along the lines of, “I wanna get some of those.”

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I’m Running Low on Diapers

As I mentioned in my most recent Journal post, my diaper supply is running low. I face a challenge: What am I gonna do about it?

I could buy more online, but that was easier when my parents were out of town. The simple fact that they’re in town and not leaving makes me nervous to buy that way. That said, I think I could pull it off if I wanted to. If I did do it, I think I would buy two packs of Prevails. Two packs would last me through the rest of the summer and possibly leave me with some to take to school. If it did, I wouldn’t have to order some right after arriving, which would be nice.

Another option I have is to buy more in-store. I would most likely get GoodNites if I went with this option. However, I’m reluctant to do it. I could run into someone I know at the store and I would have to transport the diapers to my room in a fairly-transparent bag. Then all I would get for my trouble is 11 diapers. That would be a lot of risk for very little. (I could buy two packs or go back later for another, yes, but I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that.)

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